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Name: MirandaC
Birthday: Aug 30 1996
Location: Winn Parish Louisiana
Gender: Female
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Hello my name is Miranda I am 18 and I am a empath I love history and plants I am a Virgo I do candle, element and circle magick I am always willing to try and learn new things and make new friends I dont really use just one religion what I do is a mix of a bunch of diffrent religions I also enjoy tea reading I dont have any tatoos because I dont agree with marking up your body I also dont wear earings or belly rings or toe rings or nose rings or anything else like that. The only rings I will wear are ones that go on a finger I am a outcast I was homeschooled My parents are both wiccans and help if I Really need it but I like to try to do it on my own I like edgar allan poe and tennison I study Greek and Egyptian Mythology the goddess's I use are Athena, Hera, Metis, Bastet, Demeter, Hecate, and Isis. And I only use my own spells I dont post them on here because they are private to me I will not use someone else's spells unless they are family sorry

Hair color: Dark brown

Eyes: Blue

Favorite Element: Earth

Favorite Bands and Singers : Linkin Park,3Doors Down, Lana Del Rey, Marina, Guns And Roses, Within Temption, Lynard Skynard, Bon Jovi, Selena Gomez, Nickelback, Savage Garden, GreenDay' Enya, Secret Garden, Buckcherry, One Republic, Imagine Dragons, Panic At The Disco etc. And many more

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite movie type: Horror

Relationship status: single

I am on here to learn and grow as a wiccan if you want to contact me to say hi thats fine

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