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Look into the vortex of this picture. Shall your soul be forever swallowed into the flames of black fire.
Shall upon the hour of your death...
Black flames....I expect that's the last thing you'll see!
DO NOT waste my time with silly mail. I will not respond to you.
If one questions the weakness of his or her own existence he or she is simple ignorant to the power that she possess.
If one questions it further...I shall leave you with this;

Question your motives, your ambitions, your dreams. For your power lies somewhere in between. Your the key to open the door to your inner power.

I happen to be a fellow brother of the night. My power continues to grow the older I get.
My to surpass my goddess by becoming a god myself. And in between...lies the willpower to achieve my ambition.
You...are not weak. You just don't have the will.