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hi im 26 i live in tx again lol i move every 6months maybe less dor oh idk 10 yRs now ,,, i know im different but dont identify with just one beleif or practice i dont cast spells more of aN asking the gods for help an guidence,,, im on here bc no longer friend has cast somthing on my best friend who has done her no wrong b u t she is bitter at me an hurting those i care about i think she has a control spell on him somthing like a moth to a flame ,, he doesnt know why hes doing what he does an says its like somthings telling him to an making him,,, he has asked a woman he did not love untll a few weeks ago to marry him ,,, he doesnt want to marru her he says he has to its whathes suppost to do as tears come to his eyes i dont know what im doing any more or why ,,,pls help him he is so kind an giving an doesnt deserve this i dont know what she has put on him the knife in my profe pic is his she took this pic