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Name: RebelWolf98
Location: The darkest depths of loneliness even demons are afraid to go.
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My name is Jordan. Through my ethnicity, I am British, Scottish, Irish, Norse and German. I am descended from an ancient line of kings. (Not to brag and I am not saying I am better than anyone or everyone, I am just stating that I am of noble descent. Nothing more) My astrological sign is Pisces and my year sign is the earth tiger. I am a rebellious person and I will only listen to those who I personally know and those who respect me. Other than that, I can be friendly. I am a 20 year old with Aspergers syndrome who loves Anime, video games, learning about history and I'm also a Christian. I do not judge those who aren't, because we all are different and come from different places. Whatever deity you may worship, you shall not receive judgement from me. I joined this site in hopes of new friends and people to converse with and to find a fantasy world to dwell in. I love elves. :p If we become good friends I might even give you the link to my facebook account :) Thank you for looking at my profile and have a nice day. - Jordan