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Name: GINninja
Birthday: Dec 4 2000
Location: Orlando, FL & the Astreal Plane
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 11 Oct 2022
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IG: @grimm_angel00
I am a wiccan but open to all gods don't really care for worshiping though.
I like all kinds of magic but specify on sorcery(summoning), and power spells! I know alot about alot so feel free to ask Anything im all ears I can make a spell if you like I have an extensive collection of them so feel free to ask I can make or just add any spell.
Status: Single
im very experienced so if you need help message me
im on every day, so don't be shy!
my spirit animals are snow leopard, earthworm, and rat.
my Mystical animal is the Phoenix
My real magickal name is Silver Phoenix-Flare
My KIK is: GINninja