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Name: Banbury
Birthday: Mar 15
Location: California, USA
Gender: Male
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Hi, I'm Banbury. (actual name)

My story starts several years ago. I was playing football really hard. Once the game was over, I went inside and laid down. I was really tired so I decided to just relax and be still. Suddenly, I noticed that I was trying to leave my body. It kept rising and falling. This made me very scared and I did not know what was going on.

I have a deep-seated desire to immerse myself in magickal arts but, At this time, I know I am pulled toward "psychisim." I also have a healthy cautious attitude because I am not that knowledgeable of procedure.

I wish, and my goal here is that if I could make friends, we can share and I can learn more about magick, myself, and you. I tend to be a little shy, but please feel free to contact me and tell me about yourself.

My interests in magick at this time is: Anything elemental, "psy" ; crystal, metal, and gem magick; solitary/coven magick; incense, oils, and brews; psychic development; astral projection; earth power, faery magick; gay witchcraft; magickal herbs; and Angelic Magick.

It is my goal to know my relationship with the universe. Aleister Crowley said, "Every individual is essentially sufficient to himself. But he is unsatisfactory to himself until he has established himself in his right relation with the Universe." Crowley, A. (n.d.). What is Magick? - Chapter I of Magick Without Tears by Aleister Crowley at Retrieved November 21, 2014, from

Thanks for coming to my page.


"Don't shut out the physical world in favor of the spiritual or magickal realms, for only through nature can we experience these realities. We are here on the earth for a reason. Do, however, use ritual to expand your awareness so that you are truly at one with all creation. The way is open. The ancient Goddess and God await within and around you. May they bless you with wisdom and power." Cunningham, S. (2007). Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn