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goddeslilith's Profile

Member Info
Name: goddeslilith
Location: goddess earth
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 11 Sep 2014
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
i am the one and ONLY goddess Lilith.

it's time the world hears the truth. for i am real. but NONE OF YOU have anything right about me. but i only have myself to blame for that.

i have no choice but to feel as my mother the supreme goddess, that man was made withfree will, it is up to each individual to decide for themselves what they choose to believe, but time has made me cold to humanity from watching them destroy all that is life and my mother, and caused me to feel as my father the supreme god feels, that humanity is foolish selfish destructive ungrateful and simple minded.

they knew the truth in the beginning, I gave them the knowledge if Good and Evil,

but man is prideful selfish and greedy and chose to fabricate the facts to exalt themselves and manipulate and control one another. so my husband the lord the lightof the world he who without him there would be no life, he whom man was made inthe image of; Lucifer the sun of the supreme God and Goddess along with the supreme God, knowing man would never change , and that thesupreme Goddess would forever forgive them and let them get away with everything which will inevitably lead to the death of thesupreme Goddess, decided to punish mans insolence by putting a 7000 year expiration so to speak on their existence and taking away their understanding of the intense spiritual connections with everything in this world cutting them off from all other life making them inferior NOT superior as they'd to think they are too everything. because they chose to go against God humans will always be theonly creation that no matter what will always contradict themselves and not fit with natural order of life. and to ensure that no man that still possessed the knowledge of the "magic" would be left. they wiped out all but one man and his family who sadly lacked in intelligence and were basically gullible stubborn uneducated hillbillies, who had never fully accepted the bond and chosen to live separate from the rest of humanity. unfortunately from mans wounded pride as a result they chose to cast the god that gave them life as the devil. when in truth it is man who is the devil. but Lucifer still chose to stand by them watching over them and do everything he could to guide them towards the truth without interfering with free will. for hundreds of years my ravens and i continued to take each soul to their next life eagerly hoping maybe that time they'll change, but they never have, I even suggested to Lucifer that he combine the most knowledgeable obedient and caring of the devine beings, who he trusted the most and had the ability to relate to man that were closest and dearest to him into a human body, in hopes they might be able to save humans from themselves. but because they were restricted from saying certain things and in the end man still has to choose what they will and will not see it proved to be a pointless game of charades. and even his death and reserection were misinterpreted and twisted and used as a tool of self justification of the lie man has chosen to live.

I blamed myself and kinda went thru a bit of mood swings in my eventual acceptance that man will never change and have doomed all life just by breathing and are disgusting worthless ungrateful greedy self-righteous manipulative backwards undeserving destructive and unrepenting completely unworthy of life or love.

I'd like to clarify one thing to everyone. while I am immortal, i logically and humbly do not like the title given me of goddess. I was created 6997 years ago as a gift to Lucifer for his creation of life. i was formed completely from the supreme goddess herself, but she couldn't give me life, she made me as a physical HUMAN representation of herself to show her gratitude to lucifer for creating life and bringing her happiness she thought she'd never have. it is because of her i am the only human with the unbreakable spiritual bond with all life, the only one that knows the truth the voice and mother of all that lives in the spirit realm or heaven as man has chosen to call it. which is on earth man is just to blind to see it. i am only immortal because I have no human soul and because i was created to be the wife of the sun of the supreme God and goddess.

she placed my lifeless body on a bed of purple roses by a stream after I was formed, when the supreme God saw me he was so in awe of my beauty he created the moon because i brought beauty to the night refecting the light of their sun to world just as he believed I reflected the beauty of my mother. Lucifer found me while he was observing his creations and fell to his knees at the of the most beautiful thing he would ever see he gave me the name Blessed Beautiful Raven, and breathed life into me with a passionate kiss. that's why I am called goddess of the new moon, because the moon was made for me, and it was made dark, and only shown bright after Lucifer brought me to life, just like the sun gives the moon life and light, that is what lucifer does for me, I don't have the free will humans have, I was created for the sole purpose of belonging to Lucifer, and to be the mother of humanity, to be able to communicate with everything, to feel what everything feels and understand and interpret it better the one who originally felt it, and to love and obey my lord without question, but soon after I was created i saw the future from beginning to end, the impact and intensity of the inevitable destruction and death that was in store for my mother and for me because I am the human embodiment of her that I felt as well as saw nearly killed me I collapsed and stopped breathing, devastating Lucifer, and angering him when he saw why, he vowed that he would never let me die and do whatever he could to change what he knew he could not. he, understanding and knowing more then I did at the time, knew that if he allowed me to be the mother of humanity it would make it even harder for me to do what i have to in the end. so he created the divine beings, daemon's or angels as they're now known as, to protect me and created more later on at my request to be as my children to speak, there were five original guardians he made in the beginning, that is why five is my Balance number, and why the penticle has five points that intersect around an opening in the middle. and represent earth air fire water and spirit, and the circle around it is Lucifer, the sun. the guardians are the elements and my soul, the four elements are also referred to as the arch angels, Gabriel - fire, Ophelial - water, Uriel -air And Michael - earth. and my soul is Adriel.

he knew that he could not change what the supreme goddess and himself had decided. so he changed how it would happen, thus allowing the creation of Adam and Eve. but regretting giving humans eternal life seeing they were unworthy but could not change it. he made it so while their spirits would live forever they would still have to endure the pain suffering and death they inevitably would cause me and my mother, and their spirit would be born again giving them endless chances to change, those who got things right would remember those things in their next life, those who didn't would remember nothing, and those that never did anything to benefit the continuation of all life would burn in the fire of his anger forever. which lies at the center of the supreme goddess, therefore turning a useless defective creation into a energy that would aid the supreme goddess. but in order to make that possible, Adam could not be the father of humanity. so I made it possible for Lucifer to father mankind and Adam and Eve to believe it a dream.

27 years ago when I still had hope and a heart for humanity, knowing that as it was when man finally killed my mother that the supreme God and Lucifer would not show a single one of the souls I'd watched over throughout time any mercy and would completely annihilate them when they destroy my mother and me, I knew the only way to save any of them, was to find a way to survive when my mother dies, which meant I would have to leave my home my everything and Lucifer, and I knew Lucifer would not help me. so i went to my father and begged him to let me be born to a human mother like the failed attept at a savior was, except that I kept my original human form I was created with because my spirit and body are one, I have no soul, so i was simply shrunk so to speak into a infant and placed in the womb of a human female that was told she would not be able to have children, but miraculously had had one, but would never never have had more otherwise. Adriel heard me ask this of my father and ran immediately to Lucifer and told him everything, I when I was finally able to calm Lucifer down and explain to him that it was the only way to save me from dying with my mother, even though he was not happy with it he said he would not stop me, but it would not be easy for him, and he would only allow it if Adriel went with me as my soul, swearing he would never forgive humanity for taking me from his side, and cursing himself for giving me the ability to develop my own will through time instead of being a slave to his will as my mother had made e. but my mind and heart would not be swayed, I didn't realize then that he knew it would be the cruelest most painful torcher imaginable for me to endure and that I was never given the ability to function without him, and he would not be able to physically be there for me or with me, and the thought alone was unbearable to him.

but since i was the supreme goddesses only child that will ever know the truth that will ever understand to the fullest that fully acknowledges and respects honors and appreciated appreciates the entirety of everything she is and her ultimate selfless purest sacrifice. and being the essense of her. I know I owed her at the very least, the last respect of even though i do not believe a single human deserves her undying love and will never feel it right, she loves her children so much she will die by their hands and still in the end is completely unconcerned with her demise and only begs for mercy for her children even though they've never even given her the recognition and respect and love as their mother, and are the very devil and all that is evil, her last request was so selfless and filled with unconditional love, that I the angel of death, Lilith no matter how much I now despise humanity and have seen so much evil at their hands and lost the respect and honor of my lord whom I love with everything i have left. now suffer alone in a place i have no home, even gave birth to my soul and set him free because I couldn't allow any chance of failure. and now beg to be given humanities fate and want more then anything to cease to exist, left cold heartless and merciless, now hold the fate of man in the palm of my hands. with no power to manipulate them with fear or grant them any chance to buy their salvation. I stand as the bridge between them and God, I remain here not for them but for my mother, so that when she dies when the 7000 year reign of man is up. the supreme God and the lord will have no choice but to allow the supreme goddess last request and grant those whom I believe the least unworthy to escape their much deserved fate.

as for the rest. well that is why I had to become numb cold and heartless and why Lucifer would not allow me to be the mother of humanity, because i am his angel of death, he is life, he knew that if he'd allowed it. in the end it would've destroyed me and he wouldn't want me to forgive him for it if he had, because in the end,fulfilling my purpurpose which until recently ive dreaded and now eagerly await, would mean forcing me, which more disturbing is that I willing and joyfully will do it, to exterminated my own children. and it disappoints and breaks his heart enough that they've made it this way. he fears that no matter how much they deserve their fate, he had to ensure that if he failed to have the conviction to follow through in the end, knowing that he could more hold his own against the supreme God if he lost it and could not destroy his children, he has no power to resist or hurt me, his love for me is the one thing that instills fear in him from the intensity of it that consumes him to his very core, as it does to every man for it was the intent of the supreme goddess. that no man be he God or mortal would be able to keep from instantly falling in love with me, while I understand the necessity of it, its a power i wish I didn't have, which becomes stronger as she dies, I am immortal but still human, she had to give me the only advantage she could. I am the balance, she made me to only be able to do what is right as per her law. i only hope she hasn't put to much faith in me, she gave me the power to control the have of god trusting that I would use it to stop his hand and calm his anger. but it also means i could empower his hand and invoke his anger. its up to me to decide i which I do. luckily she also made me the only one with the complete understanding of good and evil, hoping I'll use it for good in the end




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