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Name: respaul
Birthday: Jan 27 1990
Location: Texas
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Shivoham I am a that I am. I am a wondering Sadhu/
Shamin. like the Hindu people I have no one cannon or holy book I embrace the truth in all things. with two doctorates in Divinity and metaphysics I practice ritual magic much like Wicca. I studded under a number of great magi-AKA-wizards such as My Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Benjamin R. Faust, professor Henri Garenne and others. I mostly work with Gray lore Mastery,yellow Divination and white ritual magic working as a Unitarian Reverend. I am always willing to learn new things and make new friends. I pray this sight will manifest many good opportunities to widen my knowledge of the Divine and form close relationships with other like minded individuals if you wish to know any more from me pleas feel free to ask I am quite open to any question. blessed be_
my spirit animal is an owl
my preferred form of divination are card readings and consulting the akashic records
my favored color is violet