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Name: Ambrisia1
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When I grew up my mother practiced Wicca. As I got older, new influences brought me to Christianity but I found myself out of it within a few years. After struggles for 10 years, with it and the people, I found a Gnostic group and finally felt a place I belonged. Even after everything I have been through I never lost my interest in energy works and everything supernatural, paranormal, and spiritual. I have been doing rune readings for myself for a long time (minus a 7 year break) and found myself back into where I belong doing the things that feel right.
I am learning about chakras and using the crystal sets and meditations. and trying to get myself back to where I can talk to my Spirit guide but I have been feeling quite blocked for a while. I try to go to my beach where I can talk to him but I cant get There. It is almost like I have an energy leech sucking out my life force. I feel worse every day and need healing and protection. I do not have anyone here that I know who practices or that I can learn from without having to pay for it (crystal light bed is well worth the cost though, highly recommended!)
I am an empath as well but I have not learned how to control which energies I pick up and which ones I don't. I am hoping to learn this as well (protection is needed).
I would love to learn more about Ghost hunting as well but I need to get healthy and learn protection before I can attempt any of that.
I am hoping to find a group of people in which I can gain friendship and knowledge from.
I am a complex being who I sometimes do not even recognize. It is time to remove the veil and see the world as I was meant to!