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TheWicked13's Profile

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Name: TheWicked13
Location: New Mexico
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 14 Jun 2014
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I was born in Mexico, and by default, into a Christian based religion, in my case, Catholic* Living in a country where religion is everywhere and people fear God, thus everyone attends church, makes it for a simple way to follow without doubt! However, my world took a 360 when my family brought me to the states! I was 8yrs old, soon to be 9. The world as I knew it had shattered completely, I didn't even know how to say "Apple" in English, so one can get the magnitude of my problems. Unfortunately one would think "New Mexico" is basically Mexico, hahaha think again, the Mexican kids were the worse towards me & my little sister, they make fun of us because we didn't speak English, who would have thought. Within the 1st semester I made it my mission to be in the dark no more, by the 2nd semester of my 4th grade I was no longer in bilingual classes & had actually left behind all those kids that made fun of me, they stayed in ESL; I had to mature quickly, my parents needed a backup. I one it sounds like all that has nothing to do with the reason I am here, but here it goes: after that instant revolution, my childhood was gone, by 6th grade I looked my parents in the eyes and told them I couldn't believe in God or Jesus Christ, it didn't make sense to me. My parents were understanding, well, my mom was devastated, buy allowed me to do my will. Through the following yrs ever since I began researching about all religions, anywhere from Buddhism, Judaism, Satanism, to Rastafarians and MANY MORE,. I didn't have a place anymore, I felt hopeless, in and out, to darkness & light I didn't feel I belonged. My life went downhill, my father had a stroke & among despair and drugs, I didn't care anymore, until I felt a beauty hit me again, a bright light of God's love, accepting me back in his life, I felt a sense of belonging, tho it was just the start. Some short time after, I kept getting signs towards a new belief, something I had been ignoring thanks to those Hollywood films, "Wiccan" in the past I had even researched about vampirism, I couldn't understand why in dreams, in books or in movies, I simply kept seeing it come up.. I didn't like my experience with satanism & I thought reading it meant adoring the dark lord & doing evil; boy was I wrong!! I discovered that it's BEAUTY in its entirety, I am still learning about it, but the best part is that the more I read & discover, the more I love myself, this world & it's nature & my absolute God as a whole. At first I thought I had to give up the idea of God if I wanted to follow this beautiful belief system, until I realized I wasn't the only one that had this "Christian Wiccan" mentality, the way things are working for me in my mind now are the healthiest they've ever been and for the fist time I'm learning to feel complete as a whole and find meaning to all those questions other beliefs just left blank for me! Now, I had enriched my mind with Wiccan literature thus far, but this is my first time trying to join a place where I could learn from others, as a solo practitioner, I don't ever really know if I'm up to par, so I hope others aren't afraid to answer any question I may have or doubt my belief, as my first time reaching out to others, I hope I can get the help and fellow kindness I wish to give onto others later, until then, Blessed be!**