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Name: Vivi_Dovah
Birthday: Jun 3 1998
Location: Orangeville, Pennsylvania
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 04 Aug 2021
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5 minutes ago - I'm good, just chilling.
In case you're wondering all the pictures I have uploaded were taken by me, the girl occasionally in them is me, and all the drawings were drawn by me ^.^.
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My aura color:
~ Base - Yellow
~ Actual - Unknown
Astrological sign:
~ Sun: Gemini
~ Moon: Virgo
My elements:
~ 40% Fire
~ 65% Water
~ 60% Air
~ 35% Earth
~ 30% Spirit
Stuff I like to do:
~ Write poems and stories.
~ Photography.
~ Draw anime.
~ Sing.
~ Listen to music (rock to heavy metal, piano to dubstep).
~ Play video games and watch horror movies.
~ Meet new people.
~ Spend time with friends.
Stuff I don't like to do:
~ Clean.
Favorite colors:
~ Purple
~ Turquoise