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Name: aleoneos
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The elements of Earth and Spirit guide me as I breathe
Most like me, they set me free
Esoteric eyes, such has seen
Cast with Justice, so mote it be.
I am open to all ideas from all Pagan and Christian beliefs as they all exist in the same planes of reality. Aside from being a Wiccan, I believe in Catholic God and the Devil, as well as Wiccan Gods and Goddesses, as well as Egyptian, Greek/Roman, Hindu Gods, and so on..
I have done my fair share of workings and am only on the Spell Casters coven to post some of my own work. I want to find something that interests me.
I have been well into Astral Projections and Meditation for a long period of time.
ALSO, I do tarot readings too! I have been complimented well by people on the internet with tarot readings, so don't be afraid to ask for one after some general conversation.