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Name: Metalfan77
Birthday: Oct 8
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I love witchcraft(: haha im also a musician and love metal. I play drums, piano, bass, and I sing a little(: haha im very nice so message me anytime(: I also don't judge people, I don't really believe in doing that. I also like to draw, but music is my specialty(: im very creative. I take my music very seriously. I'm not one of those stupid fan girls that like bands because they're cute. I also play soccer. I am a huge nerd with glasses(x message me! I don't bite... atleast I hope so!
I have purple hair(:
My inbox is super lonely): change that?(:
Im severly depressed. Im the girl that sits in the corner, acts herself and the guy goes for somebody else. They dont usually want me. You can talk to me, i wont be upset. But know that, guys dont like me, ill be a little surprised.
Im here for anyone if anyone ever needs someone
Life is beautiful, dont waste it.
Guys want girls who dont cheat. They date a slut and they get cheated on. Then they ignore the quiet girl thats soo loyal to him. People are strange.