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Name: tigerstar123
Location: In the meadows
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 20 May 2014
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Hi I'm tigerstar123 and I love music,shopping,performing spells + more. I am bisexual but go more 4 guys I may seem like some annoying slut but I'm really fun once u get 2 know me. My favorite movies are Sucker Punch,Psyco(the original #1,2,3)Clue,Dirty Girl,all the Harry Potter movies,and A Series of Unfortunate Events(also LOVED the books). My favorite songs are Started From The Bottom,Talk Dirty,Want U Back,Play It Again,We Can't Stop,Wrecking Ball,Slow Down,Counting Stars,and anything by Lil Wayne or Nikki Manaje Anything else u want to know,please leave me a message;)