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smilerz.s's Profile

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Name: smilerz.s
Location: right next to smilerz and always thinking bout snow ;)
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 28 Sep 2014
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
i love dragons they r the thing i commit my spell casting to, i am a white magic caster i think that it will help me with dragons and i am not a dark magic user i would say white kind of comes to me it just seems to fit.but i think dragons exist and that some were in the world.but there is a dragon willing to accept me as their owner and that i would do anything for and that i could have a little pet dragon that loves me like i love dragons there are dragons out there but they are very good hiders.But i was thinking to myself what would I do if i saw a dragon in person at first i thought i would be joyful and run strait at it but now that i think about it i would have to keep a distance from it until i know it is safe because u never know what the dragon might do it may not be a friendly one.but i know somewhere out there is a dragon that might want to actually accept me as their owner, master, companion whatever u want to call it......but vampires ,mermaids are all fairly as real and so are spell casters obviously.Smilerz-A mythical creature known as a dragon of which has great powers that are unknown to many and brings great fortune to whomever he meets as long as they have a pure heart.smilerz is the dragon i have chosen to be my dragon.my description was shortened because it would be to much to fit.i would call my self an ice element but water is another one because there is not that many spells for ice ,btw smilerz is a (ice) dragon, and if u are an inheritance cycle fan friend me if u dont no what im talking about u havent lived and if u did read it and didnt like it then wat is wrong with u?i like to sculpt stuff from clay mostly dragons, the one word i hate is ,impossible.My fav quote:"everyone can see who i appear to be but only a few know the real me, you can only see what i choose to show theres so much behind this smile you*just*dont*know.but I also am connected with the ice wolf known as snow she has white fur(obviously if she's called snow)I think u know where she lives if not she lives in a cave of the coldest mountain sleeps in the snow and has a scratch on her side from a fight and is the pet of smilerz, snow:a wolf who has a heart but does the right thing not the thing that she wants to happen she does wats best for all and guards me with her life but she runs in the shadows fights to protect me and is gone in an instant but will not come just to "hang"she comes to help and then leaves, while smilerz protects my heart from the ones who want to break it.