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Name: Marcuspugh19
Birthday: Oct 28 1994
Location: hell
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 17 Feb 2014
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION READ ALL.. Most of y'all been asking me do magic creatures are real...There are vampire,werewolves...etc..clan located around the world...they have rules they must follow, just like every other clan or covenant must follow...if any human becomes a vamp and its not by a clan or covenant leader , you will be hunted down and killed by them...not because they want to but because you would be labeled as a rogue vamp,and they want there existence to stay hidden ....each clan has its own special abilities and powers .....so don't be surprised if you meet a vamp like your self but has different powers and abilities ........ An for a human to become something more then what you are well take a toll on your body..some will live but most of you will die...not all of you are meant to change to something else... An for y'all that keep saying y'all are children of Satan and calling yourselves demons...you are not demons but half angles...Lucifer was never a demon but an angel fallen from grace...he was only given the title demon from the people who hated him and the things he did.. I have a lot of knowledge about demons,angles,magical creatures ...etc..I'm willing to share.. An most oh y'all bein calling yourselves gods etc...I have challenge all of y'all are most,most of y'all are fakes and spreading lies to people how really need help and want to learn true magic..all you so call gods say the same thing when I challenge you,you always say you well suffer over time..a real God can act den and now...I've challenge God,Lucifer and anyone who calls them themselves a God,I cursed the name God and his worthless holy spirit ...I Dnt fear nunthing...and there something you should know about your so called God...he said in the Bible that no Christian is allowed in heaven if you practice magic...if you don't believe me read it.. An to become a vampdemon..you need to learn how to summon a demon...you must drink the blood of the demon you summon, once you become a demon then ask them to turn you in a vamp..they will not do this for free so be ready to give something big up!!! There's a war going on between magical creatures, magical people, demons, angles, fallen angels..and you humans are in the middle of it all...not every demon are fallen angels is with my father Lucifer...most are against him.. An my groups about helping magical people and creatures and becoming stronger! HIGH RANKING GODS AND CROWNED PRINCES OF HELL There are four great God powers who rule Hell; Satan, Beelzebub, Astaroth and Azazel. Satan is the most powerful and Ruler over all. Gods of great rank and power assist only their confidantes and intimate friends. Ea/Enki (Satan), Enlil (Beelzebub; the original 'Baal'), Inanna (Ishtar, Isis, Astaroth) and Shamash/Utu, Ashur (Azazel) were the four most popular, powerful and notable Gods throughout the world. They were the Original Gods of Mesopotamia. All are related. Beelzebub/Enlil is Satan/Ea's half-brother and Astaroth and Azazel are twin brother and sister, the grandchildren of Beelzebub. DEMON RANKING SYSTEM .. The Absolute May be God, Satan or greater than either. The Primal Emanations May include Gaia, the Wyrm and the Wyld The Deep Lords of Misrule The Gods of this World Possibly Lucifer and Jehovah. Arch-Dukes and Dukes Lords Also totem avatars of evil werewolves. Minor Lords Also greater Banes and Spectres. Tempters Sometimes classified as greater servitors. Servitors Also elementals, djinn and most Banes. War Demons Servlings Infernal Hosts Human Cultists (Infernalism:PoS pg 104) THE PRINCES OF HELL Scholars and saints often try to enumerate the forces of Hell, Some claim there are as many as 133,306,668 devils in Hell; others, that 66 princes command 6,660,000 devils. The point of these figures is that the human mind cannot realize the scope of the infernal forces set against the world. Hell's hierarchy is seen as a dark reflection of Heaven's angelic host, with the following orders of Fallen Angels leading the unholy legions. FIRST HIERARCHY The most powerful of the fallen angels are the Seraphim. The Seraphim are ruled by Beelzebub, who tempts men with pride; Leviathan, who is the ringleader of the heretics and leads men into sins repugnant to faith; and Asmodeus, who is the prince of wantons and hums with the desire to tempt men into sins of luxury. Below the Seraphim are the Cherubim, lead by Balberith, who stirs the blood to murder and blasphemy. Lowest in the first hierarchy are the Thrones, lorded over by Astaroth, who promotes sloth and idleness; Verine, who causes impatience to lead to sin; Gressil, who wants mankind to wallow in filth; and Sonneillon, who tempts men into hatred against their enemies. These Archdukes and Dukes of Hell bear scant resemblance to humanity, instead appearing as perverse mixtures of creatures -great beasts or dragons, or shadows of terrible import. It is virtually impossible for such beings to reach Earth; they influ-ence humanity through visions and dreams. lnfernalists contact them for their great knowledge and advice, but fear to look upon such potent devils, and so work in darkness. SECOND HIERARCHY These Lords of Hell are the Dominions, commanded by Oeillet, who tempts people to break their vows; and Rosier, Queen of Succubi, who opens the path of sinful pleasure and tainted love. Their work is supported by Verrier, Prince of the Principalities, who whispers rebellion against authority and incites people to refuse their lords. The final level of this hierarchy is the Powers, headed by Carreau, who makes men harden their hearts against love and faith; and Camivean, who makes people love obscenity. The Second Hierarchy is very active on Earth. Its princes are sometimes able to break their chains and appear to their servants. They often take human forms of great beauty (especially Rosier, who appears as a beautiful woman or handsome man). These lords of Hell are too proud to engage in vulgar combat and other contests of power and will return to their domains if challenged, laying great curses on those who dared oppose them. THIRD HIERARCHY The least among the demon lords are the Virtues, governed by Belias, who leads humanity into arrogance and worldliness, distracts them from virtue with vulgar fashion and teaches children to be wanton and disregard the Gospels. Olivier, of the Archangels, is the lord of cruelty and delights in abusing the poor and weak. Finally the infernal Angels, led by Iuvart, are merely servants and vassals to the other lords of Hell. (VDA Companion 180-181) Demon lords, also known as Abyssal lords, were archfiends who gained great power and established a position of preeminence among demonkind. Each demon lord had a unique appearance and set of abilities. Most controlled at least one layer of the Abyss. A demon lord, when slain in a plane other than the Abyss, was banished to the Abyss for a hundred years, whereas ordinary demons, including the mariliths and glabrezus, risked being reborn into a lesser form, or not all. A demon lord who had complete control over an entire layer of the abyss was known as a demon prince. [1] Demon lord and demon prince were self-proclaimed titles; unlike the archdevils, the chaotic evil demon lords did not have a rigid hierarchy. Demon lords waged eternal war with each other, often seeking ways to expand their holdings into other layers and at the same time defend their personal domains from rival lords and scheming underlings. Demogorgon had, for many years, been the most powerful demon lord, and proclaimed himself Prince of Demons -a coveted status symbol since the Age before Ages. Orcus and Graz'zt contested this title. Most demon lords had secretive mortal cults who sought to elevate their lords to godhood through prayer and sacrifice. [2] The most commonly known demon lords were Baphomet, Dagon, Demogorgon, Fraz-Urb'luu, Graz'zt, Juiblex, Kostchtchie, Lolth, Malcanthet, Obox-ob, Orcus, Pale Night, Pazuzu, Sess'innek and Yeenoghu. The majority of these below demon lords appear as listed in Appendix I in Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss. (o) indicates an obyrith, (l) indicates a loumara, and (d) indicates a lord that is presumed dead. Note that any demon lord who was mentioned by name only in the Monster Manual II (1983), on page 35, is noted as "*MM2". FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE A VAMP..read this and if this is what want...inbox me... The vampire demon, sometimes referred to as vamp demon, is a half vampire half demon hybrid. This type of creature is generally considered extremely evil and dangerous. Pure demons are of non-human origin, and, some say are actually angels that have fallen out of grace and now serve the devil. Vampires on the other hand were once human creatures. When you meet a vamp demon, you are therefore meeting someone that is not close to being human, and has little empathy for humans or living creatures (the influence of the demon side), as well as little empathy for vampires themselves. This is what makes them so dangerous. In addition, the vampire demon has powers that go beyond those of the vampire?combine that with sunlight not being much of an issue for them, and their ability to live longer without blood, and you have a nearly unstoppable creature. Vamp demons are also extremely rare. Human portrayals of these creatures are that of an extremely evil being, but there is some thought that they can mask themselves as humans pretty easily, and don?t necessarily......The expression ?bat out of hell? SOME OF THE PLANES IN HELL..BUT THERE AN INFINITE NUMBER.. Best Answer Avernus: The first layer, Avernus, is a vast charred wasteland of rubble over which the iron towers of the Dukes of Hell stand. Legions of devils march across the plains in continual readiness for the next battle of the Blood War. A red light suffuses the sky and huge fireballs fly across the layer, randomly exploding wherever they hit. Dis: The second layer, Dis, is a burning city of iron known as the Iron City of Dis. The walls of the buildings of the city radiate extreme heat, as do the stones of the streets; more than brief skin contact results in severe burns. The Archduke Dispater rules this layer from the Iron Tower, an impregnable fortress that reaches far into the sky and can be seen everywhere on Dis (literally; by looking to any direction in the skyline you can see the Iron Tower). Minauros: The third layer of Minauros is an endless bog of vile pollution. The weather on Minauros consists of acidic rain and harsh winds. Mammon the Viscount is the ruler of Minauros, he resembles a long serpent with a human torso. He rules from the centre of the city, within a huge mausoleum-like structure made of gold. Phlegethos: Phlegethos is a fiery wasteland filled with active volcanoes and rivers of molten lava. Lady Fierna and Archduke Belial are the lords of this layer. Few can exist here for long without suitable protection from the extreme heat. The city of Abriymoch is composed of hardened magma in the caldera of a volcano and is somewhat more bearable than the rest of Phlegethos. Fierna and Belial reside in a palace of pure obsidian high up on one side of the city. Stygia: Stygia, the fifth layer is a freezing layer of cold and ice dominated by a murky ocean fed directly by the River Styx. The dark sky is constantly filled with lightning storms. Tantlin, the City of Ice, is built on a huge ice floe with a large harbor to the river Styx, and is ruled over by a huge pit fiend. The lack of any kind of law enforcement leads itself to gangs controlling much of the city. Prince Levistus rules over this layer, frozen in a giant iceberg floating in the harbor as punishment for betraying Asmodeus. Malbolge: Malbolge was originally an endless rocky slope where rockslides and avalanches of boulders were common. Numerous copper fortresses provided some refuge from the avalanches. Once ruled by Moloch, he was deposed during the Reckoning of Hell and replaced by The Hag Countess Malagard. Malagard has since been disposed of, and Glasya, daughter of Asmodeus, currently rules Malboge. Now, the realm is alive, being formed from the flesh and bones of the Hag Countess. Maladomini: Maladomini is a barren landscape scarred by countless forgotten ruins, abandoned mines and gruesome subterranean dungeons. The city of Malagard is the layer's primary settlement. Archduke Baalzebul presides over this layer. Cania: Cania is an unimaginably cold wasteland, where few living things can survive more than a few moments in an unsheltered area. Huge fast moving glaciers crash around the layer sending snow and ice up in the sky. The layer is ruled over by Mephistopheles, from his great citadel of ice Mephistar. It sits upon a giant glacier called Nargus, the movement of which is controlled by Mephistopheles himself. Inside Mephistar huge heated baths and fire warm the citadel, providing quite a comfortable environment.... Well I always belived in magic even as a kid,i can manfiest most things in my head into our world,i can see n hear demon,evil spirt,i can call them at will,i can see ur darkest secrets threw your eyes,i can move things with my mind,but I love the nite sky....im a satanist.....i've seen satan once in my life.ig dats most of it. Elements:fire,water Spirt animals; spider,wolf.. Things about me... Im cool to be around,im nice,kind sweet,.. Im half demon,so if you.wanna know anything just ask... I never give up,no matter the odds... and im not a weak demon,you can push around,my true power surpose to.awaken at 19.. I was born with demonic abilities.. Kik me if you need more help Kik@marcuspugh Root: under-active (-25%) Sacral: over-active (81%) Navel: open (25%) Heart: open (44%) Throat: open (62%) Third Eye: over-active (88%) Crown: under-active (6%)... Death, Hell & the Afterlife Many people are understandably frightened in regards to "Hell" being a place of torture, eternal damnation, and fiery torment. Personally, since coming to Satan, I have had extensive experience both in working with human souls who have passed from this earth, and in seeing Satan's Hell which is a safe place for the souls who are there. In contrast to souls who go to the light when leaving their physical bodies through death; Satan is responsible and protective. He sends Demons to escort Satanic souls to Hell. This is to ensure these souls will be protected from the light, which is of the enemy. In addition to working with many different Demons, Satan has had me work with human spirits. Though their physical bodies are dead, they are very much alive and do not like being referred to as "dead." I am talking those of importance in Hell. Most spirits who have resided in Hell, have reincarnated. Some are still there for specific reasons. I can tell you, Satan's Hell is not some place of fire and brimstone, but a safe haven for souls who are of Satan. There is another place-the Christian "Hell" where Christian believers who fall short, wind up. This is where the horror stories come from and angels have taken some unfortunate individuals on a personal tour of this, as they are human hating. This place of torment is not of Satan, but is and was created by the Judeo/ Christian "God." Those who tie into Christian beliefs and energies are all vulnerable: Matthew 25: 41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angles.. The truth regarding the light seen by many in death and with near de experiences can be explained. The following quote taken from the Luciferian Liberation Front website article "Jesus of Borg" is quite acc in many respects. Human souls are harvested by advanced extra-terrestrials for energy. These souls are "judged" according to how malleable they are. With any powers of the mind, energy must confo the will of the operator in order for the working/s to be effective. Any resistance makes the soul unfit. Many believers who are deemed un cast into torture and damnation...