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Name: CrimsonPuma
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Hello, my name is Jay. I have had accounts on SoM before, but I have deleted them due to busy schedules and a stressful life. Some of you may have known me then, but I will not give you my old usernames on here. As for who I am... I am a college student working on a social science major, at the moment. It will eventually become a sociocultural anthropology major. I am nineteen years-old, gay, demisexual, and genderfluid (I am not particular with pronouns, so use whatever). I am also a necromancer, and I enjoy writing curses (solely). I practice divination using a personalized tarot deck, lettered tiles, and bone fragments (at separate times). I am a Gaelic polytheist who works closely with the Morrigan, Macha, Nemain, and Badb. If you'd like to know more, feel free to ask. If you would please use the closest thing you can to proper English that would wonderful. Additionally, I don't care if you find me attractive, cute, super hot, or whatever. So keep those compliments from my inbox. Besides, you can only see half of my face, who knows what's on the other side of it. I leave you with: Memento Mori and Pulvis et Umbra Sumus