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Birthday: Jan 24 1989
Location: Louisiana
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its a bit strange about 5 years ago i came to realize i did not remember my past. after that i focused on finding out who i am, i found out i have many gifts that seem to be more supernatural than normal reality but i have learned to develope them on my own while i was doing that i also began to remember my past mostly the bad but also the good....i am now at a point that i need help to put a shapened edge on those gifts. as far as my gifts go i have several heres some of them: (1)i can see spirits with my third eye, scence where they are, and comunicate with them in a way also i can fight them as well witch is not ez but i have found ways. (2)i can heal the phisical pains of others with and without actaul touch all i have to do is truly care for them in my heart while also knowning them in my every day life. (3)i am able to look though othe people's eyes but that is a little more tricky how ever bright side is i dont need to be right next to them in fact i can be several miles. (4)i am able to look into the future downside its only mine and its not wise to look to far in advance so in other words no more than a few days and no more than a week for that there is a simple reason once you see it it changes. (5)i am able to feel/see darkness for thoughs i hold most dear to my heart, to see or feel darkness means that death or danger is coming to the names or faces i see, though its not completely clear yet if i can read it for myself yet but it can be taught to others bright side. (6)it seem i was born to an advance understanding of many things, i have been told that i have knowlage beond my years. well the main thing i am trying to do now is get my life togather and get out on my own but there always have to be a balance so no mater how much i work i also need to relax and injoy life witch is the reason for this profile i consider this site one of my top 6 favorite things to do/go in my free time but some more things about me... i am a dj/producer, an anime lover, gamer computer or ps3/ps4 witch isn't out yet, animal lover, and i love to work on cars.