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Name: shea_goddess
Location: heaven...
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Hi, Im Shea... 17 yrs. old... I am a college student, Accountancy is my course... my favorite color combinations are white & light pink, green & pink, black & pink, blue & pink, orange & pink, yellow & pink... white, gold & blue... in short any color must be combined with pink... lol... i do Divination... i am a white mage... i summon fairies, angels & white wolf... i have also my messenger, which is a cat (her color is orange w/ peach and has a white aura (^_^))... * * * * * * * * Protection Chant I call the light of golden rays I seek protection thus, I pray. for heavenly forces at my side angels, sages, spirit guides or wolves who walk with cunning skill Come to my aid! Come at my will! Black bird soaring light my path so I am victim to no one's wrath! and when my journey knows success, all those who aid me Goddess bless!