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Name: dordream
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Hey, I'm a 17 year old solitary, eclectic wiccan. I'm also an indigo child, I think... I'm pretty sure I am. I'm a capriquarius and am really into astrology. My favourite crystal at the moment is a fire agate. I love escaping into the world of books, movies and some supernatural/ paranormal/ mystical/ sci-fi TV shows. I follow the Greek Pantheon. I'm kind of a social recluse, and am not really good with communicating with people... unless I feel a spiritual connection with them and it makes me feel peaceful and happy. I like meditating. What else...
I love writing, music and magic. I really want to travel when I'm older and believe that anyone can accomplish anything as long as they want it badly enough. If they are full of good karma, the universe will help. ^_^
I love the colour blue (for some reason I find this important, because this colour is AMAZING) If I was a descendant of a god/godess, it would most likely be Poseidon.
Wicca is what brings out my feminine side, but I identify as agender.