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Name: XanderCoda
Location: The Floodplain
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I am not my job
That is just a service I provide
My job is to be a myth
To be a shadow leaping from corner to corner
A gesture toward the correct course of action
I do not hide but I am hidden
Born from mouths that call for answers
Killed by hands that hold their faith firmly
I am not my body
That is just a vehicle stuck in drive
My body is to be a confined quality
To be a reminder all is finite
An anchor stowed into existence
Though I endure I am not preserved
Felt by those who only want to feel
Pushed from they who only serve themselves
I am not my emotions
They are just temporal flares of emotion
My emotions are to be my nexus
To be a bridge I can bring others across
An opening of the heart to let in the truth
Forming inside of a constant battle
Dissipating once a side is chosen
I am not my thoughts
They are merely ruminations on my situation
My thoughts are to be psalms that inspire peace
To be tools that carve a beautiful theme
A weapon to turn on those who rally against life
Blossoming out of some grand nature
Imprisoned by anti-social structures
Hail the centrifugal force
Binding these things together
It has no name
It needs no name
Hail! Hail the mystery!