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Name: Ember2
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Hi, my Witchcraft name is Ember Saville, and my real name is Kat. I'm 16 years old. This is my second account. My main account is 'EmberSaville' (http://www.spellsofmagic.com/profile.html?profile=203246). I'm a Junior in high school. I'm the Captain of the Color Guard, or Flag Corps, whatever you call it. I've been in chorus since I was in 3rd grade. Music is my life. I love my animals like they were my children, and they pretty much are! (: Like, no, seriously, you don't understand... Umm, I'm: Root: under-active (0%) Sacral: over-active (69%) Navel: under-active (-25%) Heart: open (44%) Throat: over-active (88%) Third Eye: over-active (88%) Crown: open (44%) I love a little too deeply, a little too passionately; fall for people a little too quickly. But, that's okay, because this world and this life are a learning experience, and we wouldn't learn if we didn't ever live a little and make mistakes. (; It's funny, because when I was little, I had this idea that life could be perfect, just like in all the fairytales. That if you were careful enough, you'd never make a mistake, never be lonely, never be misunderstood, never be frightened. But, it doesn't work that way. Life is crazy and messy. You just have to start climbing and know that what happens will happen. Live for the moments you can't put into words. Love the people you want. Dream what you were meant to dream. Because in the end, life wasn't what you made it. You were what life made you. So live like there's no tomorrow, and make the best of everything. Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. You're going to get hurt. You're going to fall down and get scraped up from time to time. People hurt. Places hurt. Faces hurt. Sometimes you have to learn that the beauty of the rose isn't worth the pain of the thorns. But, then again, sometimes you polish that diamond, and it'll shine. So keep those diamonds and throw away those roses, and just live. Message me if you want to, don't be shy! I love talking to and helping people. With Love and Light, Ember Saville