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Name: Storm07
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Location: Springfield, MO
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Drem yol lok, dii zeymah. Zu'u los for Storm Kesocascay. I am a Pagan/Wiccan and a Kaiyumian Alchemist living in Springfield, MO. I specialize in Elemental Magic and Alchemy and dimensional, spiritual, chemical, and elemental Alchemy. I am also a Nordic Elder Futhark Runster. I am open to anyone to talk to from any background and any part of the world. Feel free to share practices and ideas with me.


Ladies and gentleman, I am proud to announce that as of now, I will now be working on a development project for a oxyhydro-powered car. The concept is using the molecular structure of water and passing a high-power current through it, creating hydroxy gas; a gas that is twice to almost three times as potent as gasoline, and when ignited, returns to water vapor. It is a clean fuel that can be used repeatedly, and the generator requires only a 12v car battery, making the car's current electrical system functional. The vehicle will put out the same amount of performance using a cleaner and safer fuel. The fuel is simply distilled water which will then be converted to the gas.

This project will take a lot of time and funds to build. I will need to build the generator, and then outfit a car engine to take the new fuel. Any help from making awareness to donation of parts, funds, or a test vehicle will be greatly appreciated as I work on this project. This should be a step forward in the battle on oil. I will be working on concept designs as of tomorrow afternoon. Spread the word and cross your fingers!

I am also an author by day and a musician by night. I recently published my debut novel and I'm starting the rest of the series. I play piano, alto saxophone, and rhythm guitar.

I also know Dovahzul, the Skyrim language of the Dragons. If you know Dovahzul, let's speak. Lok, thu'um.

Feel free to message me for anything at all. I'm all open. Nice to meet you all.

Arcana Info;

-I am Kaiyumian-based with Paganism attached. Kaiyumian is a scientific religion similar to Alchemy (Alchemy is the prime focus, in fact). It is estimated to have existed between 3,000BCE-200CE. Some traces are found right about the time of the Crusades. It was lost since then.

-I am a man of science and believe heavily in trial & error and Equivalent Exchange.

-I am a ShadowHunter so I spend my time studying the supernatural.

-I am multi-elemental. (the only one of my kind, as far as I've seen. Let me know if you're the same.) Basically, I have no fixed element. My sign is Cancer, making me water, but many other horoscopes suggest other elements PLUS my own meditations show comfort with all 9 magical and alchemic energies; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Vitae, Shadow/Dark, Steel, Thunder, and Ice.

In short; my aura can take on many shapes and characteristics of all of the elements which gives me control over any elemental magic. Kaiyumians would call me a "Shadow Alchemist", which means that I can control all of the elements.

-I am a Runster and my specialty is Nordic Elder Futhark.

-I have experience in all types of divination and scrying.

-I am a Planes Walker. (I can send my mind and/or soul to different Realms and Dimensions.)

-I also specialize in soul studies and functions, counting aura including shaping and controlling aura.

-I do have necromantic abilities.

-I can see and sense energies, active and passive.

-In Modern Alchemy, I am a Stellar Alchemist. (I specialize in both Solar and Lunar Alchemy.)

-I have powerful meditation abilities.

-I can interpret dreams and signs.

-I do specialize in demons of many religions. (I do NOT summon them unless for good reason. I do NOT give them my soul. I do NOT use them to harm others.) Some info about the demons I work with. Most of the demons I work with are Kaiyumian.

Here's a list of few;

-Arylos, Kaiyumian Demonic God of War, Magic and Alchemy, ruler of the Void.

-Lycanos, messenger of the Grim Reaper, Angel of Death.

-Sephishtan, Kaiyumian Djinn of Thunder.

and a few other select creatures. I mainly use them as energy sources. We do NOT have formal or soul-based contracts with each other.

I hope to get to know as many people who are like-minded. Feel free to send me a message.

Erei zenu grind. Lok, thu'um. Pruzah wundunne.