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Name: Solean
Birthday: Nov 9 1998
Location: US Elkins Arkansas
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 29 Nov 2014
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I have always been one for magic. Most of my life consisted of video games. That is whare I found the love of magic. I am a novice spell caster. I started practicing the arts nearly a year ago. I am a great deal good at potions, kitchen magic, and alchemy. My magic gift is the ability to communicate with/see the dead. The only bad thing about this is that spirits constantly contact me and follow me everywhere I go. If you think it is awesome, think otherwise. They move things I own and never leave me be.
Goal is to master potions, kitchen magic, and ice magics.
I practice with my magic partner Maeglin00000.
Im a novice spell caster.
My constellation is Scorpio.
My Chinese constellation is the Tiger.
My element is Water.