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WizardTonkor's Profile

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Name: WizardTonkor
Birthday: Jul 1979
Location: Michigan-USA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 05 Aug 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio

Hi, thank you for showing interest and taking the time to learn more about me. I consider myself more along the lines of Wizard because it is my belief that a true wizard learns all aspects of the occults, science, religion, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, mainstream studies and any aspect of life, death, and has a thirst for knowledge that's second to none in an ever ending quest for wisdom, knowledge and the truth. I have always felt a very strong pull towards not only all occult studies but to all aspects mentioned above. There really isn't anything that I wouldn't love to learn more about. I truly love the occults in all of their forms. I am certain that I will never stop learning, no matter how much I read or experience... and I believe that is the foundation of gaining true wisdom... knowing that there is always more to learn and experience. I am a proud father and devoted boyfriend to a wonderful, beautiful and loving woman. I have always wanted to do my part to help the environment and my girlfriend and I have recently found a company that fits perfect with what we have been looking for. We get to purchase products that are ALL non-toxic to our environment and on top of that, just for telling others about it and getting them signed up we get money for it! I'm happy with just the products but its like a small business you can run in your spare time. We got going for $1 (its usually $29) and we can get others signed up for $1 too. You can email me to get the info. There are videos, literature, online live presentations by regular people that offer this to people like you and I and the products are great. If you are interested drop me an email and we will get you signed up so you can enjoy non-toxic products delivered to you at great prices... plus you can make some extra money too. In comparison to the amount of information that I try to obtain and absorb I practice very little... and usually only when absolutely necessary. With that aside, I do, however, feel I am very powerful... I just simply leave the spells for more dire "needs" or "requests". I mainly meditate, work on feeling centered, grounded and at one with the great define universe and use visualizations to nudge the physical world in a direction that I feel would best suit my path or the path I would prefer. Its my belief that the whole ritual of a spell and all that goes along with it like herbs, candles, oils etc are tools to focus your intent to allow you to be in a state of mind that is optimal to introduce your thoughts to the underlying energy that flows through all things, realities, worlds, time, etc. to manifest them in this particular physical reality and if you can train yourself to be focused, understand how you connect with the energy and use visualizations correctly, that you don't need spells... all of your thoughts are powerful spells. I would also like to share, especially with the young persons that may be reading, that I know for an absolute fact that there is more than what your eyes can see. You can do so much more than what most people think you can and anything is possible. PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT KNOW OF ANY SPELLS THAT WILL PHYSICALLY CHANGE YOU, YOUR DNA, MAKE YOU HAVE SUPER POWERS OR ANY OTHER SUCH FANTASTIC THINGS, AND THEREFOR, I CAN NOT AND WILL NOT HELP YOU WITH SUCH SPELLS OR TRY TO DO SUCH SPELLS FOR YOU. Keep your imagination strong because its so much more than you think it is... it is the gateway to your heart, soul, health, dreams and one of the most important keys to magic. Learn to know yourself (meditate, learn how you learn, how you connect, how your mind works, learn your strengths and weaknesses, etc.), learn to gain extreme focus and determination, learn visualization, read all you can and don't worry about doing spells because if you learn the above things you will rarely need a spell because you will learn to recognize your path, prepare and manifest the things you need to get what you want. But also remember... we are in this physical existence to do PHYSICAL things! Don't be lazy, get out there and enjoy this wonderful opportunity we have here with our bodies! Enjoy life without drugs, let life BE your drug and remember that Love is the most important thing in every aspect of all realities, worlds, universes or anything else you can think of. I am a private practitioner and don't see myself practing with a group, although I would be interested in joining a coven to learn and appreciate others beliefs... and I just might be able to share a thing or two that others haven't had the pleasure or opportunity to learn yet. Maybe one day I will feel that I should practice more but for now I am content in submerging my mind, heart, spirit and soul in all things and just enjoying the freedom of thought, the smell of the herbs, flickering of the candles and the love of all beings both seen and unseen. I do have a wand and staff in progress, my old wand broke after having it for a long time (which was heartbreaking) so I'm taking my time and putting a lot of positive energy in these. I don't do a ton of spells so I'm not in a hurry to finish them and I want them to be universal so I feel like the more I work with them with various energies, the better! My beliefs... I feel I am very open minded so my beliefs are very open and definitely not set. The only thing I feel is absolute is that Love is the cornerstone of everything. I believe its the reason we are here on earth, in this world, rhelm, dimension, reality or whatever you believe. Love is what we are supposed to realize, experience, live our life for and what will take us to where we want to be. Love is the key to everything. Every other aspect of anything and everything is just a side note and a bonus. I might add more later on but if you have any questions or want to chat, just let me know :0)