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Changes will not be easy for the youngsters involved. Deal with the needs of children and get into groups that deal with self awareness. Your partner may push buttons that infuriate you.
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Damianna's Profile

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Name: Damianna
Location: In your worst nightmares...
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 24 Aug 2016
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Greetings, I am called Damianna. I'm a southern vampire/witch. At times I have a short fuse, it depends on my mood and the situation. And please...don't *ask* me to turn you. It would appear that many who are interested in vampires always seem to think that it's all what the movies show. It's not. I don't mind tutoring one who has made this new discovery. But it's not as romantic as the movies make things appear. And, by the way, I prefer that if you *are* going to ask, please make sure that you make your request using proper spelling and grammar. I know I cannot stop some few from asking and it's annoying to see seemingly intelligent people showing their true intelligence by using improper spelling or grammar. I am not impressed and this will end any and all conversations from the beginning. So, if you are a lady or gentleman, please act your age when addressing me and show me some respect and manners. I'm not a dial-up service or order-out service. You can't just email me and make demands. That tends to get those select few blocked. Use some common sense, please? I enjoy a wide variety of music, everything from Brahms, Mozart, etc., to Slayer, Adelita's Way, and others. My tastes in that regard range far and wide. As long as it sounds pleasant in some way I'm all for it. Now, I'm female and I won't discuss my age. No one would believe me anyway. Besides, age is just a number and mind over matter. I usually keep to myself and prefer the solitary path, however, I'm not completely anti-social. I enjoy chatting with diverse people as I can always learn something new, even if it's how *not* to do something. And I'm not serious all the time. Being of Fire, my thirsts and amusements are unquenchable along with my curiosity. That's perhaps my most dominant trait...curiosity. So if I ask too many questions, that's just me being me. I don't mind answering questions either. I don't belong to any one coven. The solitary path has suited me just fine. It affords me the opportunity to be a "free agent" as it were. Otherwise, we should have a fine conversation...I ask only that you mind your manners...we should get along marvelously! Merry meet and merry part... Just recently, I was approached by a bona-fide troll! This troll came to my "door" demanding that I "turn" him. No introduction, no manners, nothing more than a crude way of communicating. I do not respond to crudeness, lack of intelligence, rudeness, blatant lack of manners, or an insulting manner. If you cannot or will not show me a touch of courtesy or respect, then please, by all means go away, find your own kind and leave me alone. It is better that I know not of your foul existence than for me to have to contend with your insufferable lack of manners. And furthermore, if you do wish to communicate with me, please respect yourself as well as me by at least introducing yourself. I'm not a young girl who is impressed with the "brotha" or "ghetto" way of speaking. Nor am I impressed with how much of a "gangsta" you think you are. Al Capone, John Dillinger, and Bugsy Mallone were true gangsters and their time is past. So, pull up those jeans, tuck your shirt in and speak with clarity. A true, refined, and intelligent gentleman will get my attention quicker than anything else. Remember the adage that says: Do not mess in the affairs of Dragons, for they will find you tasty and ketchup goes well with you. ~D~