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Name: kena
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Merry meet! My name is Kena, I'm a 21 year old stay at mom from the PNW. I’ve been practicing the craft for about a decade now, but I will not sit here and pretend to be some know all high priestess. I am constantly striving to learn and expand the path best suited for me. When I was young I started out as a lot do, by studying Wicca. And while I felt like I was moving somewhat in the right direction it just wasn’t for me. Over the years I became very drawn to working with Ancestors. And I was called to Hoodoo and conjure work. Being biracial I honor the traditions of my African American ancestors and of my Scandinavian and Western European Ancestors.

I love/do/study:
-Tarot/ and just about any form of divination possible
-Crystal magic
-candle magic
-shadow work (constantly doing shadow work)
-Scandinavian mythology
And I plan on furthering my journey In astral projection as well.
I probably won’t be on here much but I would love to chat with any and all:)