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Name: Taye
Birthday: Dec 8 1992
Location: Washington, DC
Gender: Male
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The name's Taye aka Yuki no Suru (the name of my spirit animal, the Snow Crane). Im 20 years old and I've been psychic most of my life and recently awakened (so to speak) my medium abilities while over a friend's house. Recently i have found an interest in Wicca and will begin my training as a witch on Sunday, March 24, 2013. As i progress in my training and become more powerful i will be writing spells, charms, and curses, such as my curse "Maledictus esto" (Cursed Be). I will aslo be training solo. Anyways, if you happen to use any of my spells, please message me and let me know how they work and what they do. If i happen to use one of my spells (or someone else does), and i find out what it does, i will post it in the description. Goddess be with you, my brothers and sisters. And by the way i will be favoriting all the spells i write, so if you're looking for one of them look on my profile. Also most of my spells will be in foreign languages (but i may translate them to english) Blessed Be, Yuki