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Name: NateD
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Hello my name is Nate. I have been studing and practicing magic for over 21yrs. Taught by my grandmother who passed away at the age of 87. I have been instructed in the use of all forms of magic. You can't walk in the light, without stumbling around in the darkness first. Spirit animal: Wolf Aura Color: Yellow, Enviromental Tan and Green Elements: Water, Wind, Earth, Fire, Darkness and Light Pantheon: Incan Source of Magic: Earth, Mountains, Trees, Forests, Wind, Water, Fire, Shadows and the Light itself Types of Magic: Little bit of everything I absorb energy through my entire body. It has taken me many years to do this without affecting those around me. I have an unlimited amount of energy to absorb. I never have to worry about not being able to cast spells or having enough magic to perform Extremely Powerful Storm Spells. Magic is woven into every aspect of my life. Magic in not something to be feared. If you understand the magic you can better understand yourself and what your limitations are if any at all. I have over the years created over 9 spell books plus a few more that I can't seem to find. I have taught dozens of young witches, wizards and sorcerers over the years. The one thing I covet above everything else is my true name. Only 2 people on the entire planet know that name. There are powerful spells out there that can be used for dark purposes should anyone discover your true name. In the immortal words of "Gandolf" the wizard: "Keep it secret, Keep it safe". I have lived over 200 past lives and can remember all of them. Thats about it about myself I guess. Root: open Sacral: open Navel: open Heart: open Throat: open Third Eye: open Crown: open