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Name: Askbogi
Birthday: Jun 26
Location: Far east but not too far.
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I am a lurker around SoM,been a lurker for decent years until I joined in,since then I try to contribute to those who seek basic understanding on what they wish to practice. I'm working with the deities of the Rokkr pantheon, I also practice Norse Shamanism. ------Things I can help with------ Water spells Healing Opening chakras. Slavic mythology and Dvoeverie(dual beliefs) Cleansing Meditation ------Additional notes------ *Friends will be most welcome. **I noticed that a lot of "friendly" messages started to fill up my mailbox,hence,I do not reply. Most of them consist of short useless sentences without a subject.I do have some patience and even willing to search for what you need to be answered,so before you write please consider that I am also human and grow annoyed by those kind of "friendly messages". Please think through and try to write exactly what you need !!**WITH A SUBJECT**!! and I promise you that I will answer and be willing to help and beyond that :-)!!