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GG_erin's Profile

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Name: GG_erin
Location: Virginia
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 29 Apr 2008
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
My name is erin this is going to be a bit long but its cool so please read it. Im a big thinker. I easily take the large, long view of almost any topic. Im comfortable juggling myriad facts. I tend to synthesize material easily and to think in webs of factors, not straight lines. i am imaginative and enjoy theorizing. im also socially savvy, but i can be shy. im good at both talking and listening. i have a very good memory when i dont need it, and what i hear i remember. Also the best part of that is im trustworthy. Im also highly compassionate. I care deeply about others. i love to be the one asked for advice or help. i dont really judge people so you seriously can tell me anything and i wont be like "holes in a cow your incest!!" hah i dont know but yeah i thing you get my point. And I generally read people's faces, body postures and tone of voice accurately, so I tend to intuitively understand what people want and need. and i think its fucking hilarious whne people go: i feel pissed [or something like that] then you ask why. then they say: i dont want to talk about it. okay one, yeah you do or you wouldnt of said anything. and two, why did you change your mind about telling the person. they probably want to help or just know whats up. So i sometimes make personal sacrifices to be a supportive friend or "colleague." And if something is bothering me i usually will just suffer and not say anything about it. maybe thats why i get hurt by so many people without them knowing. i prefer it when people realize their mistakes instead of me pointing them out. but when it gets too serious or if its really that bad ill be like: fuck no bitch! or: dude, what the fuck? or: get the fuck away from me. or: do you realize that your fucking doing? or my favorite: dude, thats not cool. and most of all, i have problems, serious problems. im psychopathic and i find that amusing. i also find dead babies in clown suits amusing. im actually a nice person who puts up with alot of bullshit. i feel like crying just thinking of everything. but i usually never cry. and when i do that means something really bothered me. i cry when im pretty pissed off. i cry when i laugh my ass off. and i cry when im really really sad and hurt and depressed and all that shit. the funny thing is if you not looking at me when im crying you cant really tell i am crying. i dont make alot of noise and wine and sniffle and all that shit. but on my bad days please dont fuck with me because im underpressure and i will probably snap and kill someone. people say im really strong and stuff, but when im pissed i get alot more stronger. and when im pissed i think alot clearer, i guess to figure out what would be the best way to kick your ass or to get back at you. i am open minded about alot of things, and i would like to work to improve the world, because it sucks ass, i mean seriously, we can atleast try and make it a place worth living in. stop global warming, its the only planet with chocolate! i like legos, random... any who, I enjoy new ideas and interesting experiences. Im flexible, affable and open to adventure. it is proven fact that i will do somthing stupid if it looks fun. And I admire funny, silly, nice, impulsive, spontaneous people. i think alot about things, i can usually calculate a outcome really fast, so fast you dont even know i was just thinking if something is worth it, right, wrong, fair, unfair, stupid, and likely to get caught. i plan ahead alot so i dont fuck up too badly. and if things dont go according to plan then i just think of something new and go with the flow. sometimes i think about what might happen so well i think of ways that i can get it to become that way. im weird i know. i try not to be around bad types of people but if your my friend, your my friend for life, unless you fuck up really bad. I dislike conflict. i like to seek "win-win" solutions. And with muh skillz as a negotiator, ill try to get the best of the best out of anything. and if you dont agree, i will prove you wrong, unless you got some good shit to back you up. i can be munipulative, but i dont use that to my advantage much., because thats not right. like that dude off of spiderfag says, i think his name is uncle ben like that rice guy [i dont know, i could be wrong] but like that guy says: with great power comes great responsibility. if there is an awkward silence and or moment i shall triumph and save that awkward touch, with just about anything i find to be funny. i can be really hyper and fickle. for example, at one moment i wanted to be a video game designer or a director, but now have no clue what i want to do with my life, i once knew but now i have no clue at all. basicly im really cool. and if you just read that, and you know me pretty well, you will know that is just the basics. brooke is probably like, you fuck tard you left so much out!! well i left quite a bit out so people can't just read this and cheat and say they know me really well. have fun trying to find out the hard stuff!! =] my aim sn:: woww its erin my myspace:: www.myspace.com/baaaaaxnugget funny i know, friends did it.