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SarkoSevere's Profile

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Name: SarkoSevere
Location: Ireland, Dublin
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 29 Apr 2008
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
I am quite a nice person usually Though I can be short tempered sometimes and violent if it comes to that. But I am friendly to people, That is unless they hurt my friends or my family I love my friends, and my family I don't know what I would do without them. I enjoy doing things such as playing guitar, writing songs, listening to music, hanging with my friends, generally being outdoors too most of the time and drawing too. I tend to live in dream world a lot but I do the work when it needs doing. I like to play video games or meditate if I feel stressed out sometimes but then I do just put up with it sometimes too which can make me the type of person you don't want to talk to at times. Lying on the grass and staring up at the clouds I find makes me feel rather peaceful ^.^ I have had many things happen to me through my dreams, every one of my dreams of which I can remember have come true for me so far, sometimes it comes as just something I see the next day or can turn out to be someone I never previously met before and then I meet a few days later, Some of these people turned out to help me when I needed it too. I dream of other people I know on some occasions and what I dream of has happened to them too. Sometimes my dreams help prepare me for certain things, since my dreams come true I fear my nightmares will too so preperation is a necessity in that case. I rarely have nightmares though which I am pretty thankful for, But that also means I don't know if what I have had nightmares of will come true too since I have never really had a lot of them. On some occasions I find myself thinking of things then saying them which turn out to be what my friend etc. was thinking of at that moment, when it happens I usually find myself thinking of many things they are thinking of. Then other times I feel myself having the same feeling for something or wanting something the person I am with wants or feels as well. I use the tarot cards sometimes too if I need to search for an answer or if my friends need help with something and aren't too sure what step to take. Though I am not very experienced with tarot cards and only know one or two spreads I find a lot of my answers were helped in being answered by using them. So through some of my experiences with my dreams and experiences with practically tapping into other peoples thoughts or emotions on some occasions, it has helped me take a personal interest in learning more in trying to heighten my ability, hopefully to use it to prepare myself for challenges that face me and others and to help others out of situations too so I can help them find their way back onto their paths once more.