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Name: Rozel_Rose
Birthday: Aug 10 1997
Location: Within the Music, Magick, and Life
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 13 Nov 2012

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Well I really don't know what to say, so I will just start of with the basics. The name I am most commonly known by is my craft name, which is Rozel. I am fifteen, I am gay (and proud!), I am a male, and I am much more, but most of all, I am a Electic Solitary Witch. I may be a bit new to this site, yet I am not new to Magick, Craft, Witchcraft, or whatever the name for it corresponds to you. I have been studying and practicing on an on-and-off basis for about five years now, which I know isn't really good, but for some reason I can't let go of Magick. I have tried yet it's like it's in my blood. I have chosen to accept it and make it part of my life, yet my wonderful and amazing boyfriend doesn't, or maybe refuses, to believe that such things reside within his and our world. I have studied in solitar most of the time, with the help of a coven or teacher every now and then. I'm currently starting from the bottom, my basics, yet I know much of other topics such as some Herbalism, Combatic Magick, Element Magick, etc. I try to keep my ranges of Magick and Witchcraft expanded. I perfer to keep my practice within the occult craft exactly that: occult, hidden. I keep my practice a secret from the world except for a few who I truly trust. I am determined to keep it that way, yet continue my efforts to create it as part of my life.

As for my non-magick world, I am seen as a fifteen year old male who wanders the halls of high school, being secretive yet open to the acquaintances and friends he has. I am a fairly good student, friend, and enemy. I enjoy looking at nature for it's true beauty and dangers. I enjoy reading, swimming, exercising, talking walks, and listening to the music that makes my soul expand and take in the notes as a whole. My future aim in a career is to become something in the medical feild (thinking ER Doctor or EMT/Paramedic) while advancing a career in my true passion: writing. I absolutely love writing. I feel it as a magick of its own kind (I sometimes put it within my spells and such) and I am willing to pursue it into a career that I can gain a life with.

Well, thats me :) I am around 5'10 or something in hight, my weight being around 130 (don't really weigh myself). I am Hispanic and Latino (yes there is a difference!) and I see myself as fitness fit. I may seem like a really serious person when it comes to knowledge and magick and similar things, but I am a very good person if you want me to be. Stay on my good side lol :) If you have any questions that you would like to ask, or want to know more about me, message me and I will reply as soon as possible.



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