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You're in the mood to help a loved one through a rough patch, or cheer up a close friend who is down-in-the-dumps. If you get drawn into a fiery discussion, strive to be balanced and fair-minded.
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Rainie's Profile

Member Info
Name: Rainie
Birthday: Nov 28 1997
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 05 Feb 2016
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
im 20 Ladies message me for my kik so we can chat ;) "rainie88" im an empath I want to learn more about my past lifes and more about elements :) anything else just ask ive studied for about a lil over 2 years now :) im a pretty happy person, i like nature walks and fire seems to relax and calm me. i like to read and write and love music. i am stubborn and random and sometimes brutally honest. i like moving flames on candles my fav sent is vanilla. your name =11 which is spiritual completion your soul number is =6, you respond to beauty, harmony, and piece. you are affectionate, sympathetic and loyal to those you love. you are likely to be guilty of smothering love, so deep is you desire to live for your own immediate family. learn how to allow your family members to express their own desires in life, even if you dont agree. you outer personality number =5, you are a good conversationalist, bright, sparkling and witty, and ill therefore have much interchange with groups of people. you are magnetic to the opposite sex and possess strong sensual appetites. Because change and freedom are so essential, there maybe a quick turn over in your relationships. you like constant activity, variety and change and believe that change is progress. you must be able to do what you want, when and how you want to do it, in order to produce up your capacity. you have a natural curiosity and are likely to take risks. you can become fickle, restless and undependable. you are like to be among the best dressed on the fashion list or at least be ahead in style, and you were bright colors in good taste. as A as the first vowel of your name: you are bold, independent, and interested in research. you know what you want and why you want it. 11/28/1988=11 as an 11, you can draw upon the cosmic forces for inspiration and for aid in attaining enlightenment and even cosmic consciousness. you pronounced intuitive abilities can guide your original, inventive and creative mind. as you will probably be a leader in some way. you need to be practical. foresight and acute perception make you a visionary. you are are idealistic and feel compassion for all types of people, regardless of their station in life. you are the specialist who seeks accomplishment rather than glory, but who always seems to gain recognition at the same time. you are intrigued by ESP, occult and mystical and spiritual studies.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth and animal totem: Owl (November 23rd - December 21st). Moon: Snowy moon. Season Aspect: Starry night moon. Wind Relation: West winds. Directional Relation: North-west. Element Relation: Fire. Elemental clan: Hawk clan. Plant totem: Poinsettia. Mineral totem: Obsidian. Polarity with: Deer. Color Aspect: Gold. Musical vibration: C sharp. Personality: Laugh-hearty, loving and independent. Spiritual energy: Feminine energy. Emotions: Caring. Positive traits: Adaptable, trustworthy. Negative traits: Restless and loud. Compatibilities: Falcons and salmon. Conscious Desire: To understand the spirit and the human nature. Subconscious desire: Applying the spiritual to the physical to bring about healing. Spiritual Path: Spiritual evolution. Strengths: Optimistic, happy and focused. Weakness: Often exaggerates, and is concerned with "status". Keywords: Optimistic, far-seeing, insightful, direct, self-indulgent. Birth totem owl is an individual whose outer personality is focused upon understanding all of life?s myriad mysteries. In nature, the Owl is known for her ability to quietly observe her prey as she sits perched atop a nearby tree limb, waiting for the opportune moment in which to strike. When the moment comes, owl will fly silently, taking the intended prey by complete surprise. Like their birth totem, individuals born under owl will fly into new situations and encounters with their eyes wide open and their ears attuned to the slight nuances and mannerisms that will reveal much to them about their new environment or companions. This knowledge may be utilized to gain better understanding and appreciation for others, or (if the owl person is operating from contrary personality), the information obtained may be used to strike down those who they may perceive as a threat. Perhaps the greatest natural ability of birth totem owl individual is his/her ability to see the good in nearly any situation they encounter. One who is operating from a well integrated owl center, may inspire others to rise above their own indifference and succumb to the contagious enthusiasm of the owl, thereby participating in a group effort to effect positive change in the world around them. One of the greatest challenges to this particular birth totem is that these individuals have a difficult time in settling their own restless inclinations to be forever on the move, if not literally, then metaphorically speaking. So intent are they upon seeing all they can see, and experiencing everything that can possibly be squeezed into one lifetime, that they often miss the deeper sense of satisfaction that can come with setting up nest and nurturing a deeper understanding of a few select topics, rather than skimming the surface of many varied subjects and hence, gleaning little useful knowledge. When birth totem owl individual can come to the ultimate understanding of their own restless nature and quell the impulse to fly in fear of what they may find within themselves, then the higher self may be met and embraced through their new found skill of focused concentration. --------------------------------------------------------------------- base to crown 100% 90% 60% 70% 80% 60% 80% my gem rose quartz my strongest elements fire and air