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Darkrai_304's Profile

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Name: Darkrai_304
Birthday: Aug 10 1994
Location: Somewhere in my meditations finding random things through visualization
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 03 Dec 2012
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio

Hello, I am Noralidy_304. This is a back up account if I reach my limit. ^^ Anymore info you want from me, I will tell you. And if you want some more, You want some now, go to my account: Noralidy_304 Thanks you very much, sincerley, a memeber


Meditation to a phoenix(numbers are the days I meditated for):

Fire phoenix:

1. I was flying around for a bit and I was in peacock phoenix form. after a while of flight, a phoenix attacked me. I made the phoenix out of flight balance and it fell. Another while and I changed myself to a Thunderbird. I quickly transformed back then I became a different phoenix called Moltres. I then flew and again was attacked by a phoenix again. I did the same what I did with the other phoenix. I continued to fly in the fire world. I then got bored of the place and told the phoenix to meet me in the desert. As I flew out a was at a desert, sure enough, the phoenix was standing there. It turned to face me. It looked like the phoenix from harry potter. It began screeching a lot at me. I wanted to talk to it but the screech was blocking my speech. So, I clamped it?s beak closed with my feet. I told it to meet me in the physical lane. I let go of the beak and it gave another screech. Then, it turned and took off and disappeared.

2. I was flying back in the fire world. I looked to my right to see the same phoenix. We kept flying then we landed for a bit. We both talked a bit then took to the air. We both began to dance. After three minutes of dancing, we both landed for a bit. I told the phoenix to meet me in the physical plane. I gave a slight nod then faced away to take off. Right before it could take off, I asked it to dance with me again since I had a lot of time on my hands. Anyway, we both danced. I then had an idea. I told the phoenix to dive down with it?s flames spewing from behind to make it look like we were going at super sonic speed. We both did it and afterward, we both landed and we both were very exhausted. After that, I told it to meet me in the physical plane and the phoenix took off. After some seconds, I told it to meet with me in the desert again. After the phoenix disappeared, I was attacked by an alligator like creature. Then, I was knocked out of that world.

3. Flying around then lands onto the same rock platform. I screeched to the phoenix about three times. It came after about a minute later. As it flew in my direction, it hit me on purpose. I regained my flight balance and flew up. I faced the phoenix and it kept screeching at me angrily. I flew up to the bird and closed it?s beak again. I told it that I was sorry and told it why I did not meet the bird in the desert. I let go of the bird?s beak and we both turned to see another phoenix but with a longer neck. It talked to us and I decided to go. I told the phoenix and it agreed and we both flew threw a portal out of the fire world and came to the desert. As we got there, the phoenix got gray feathers instead of it?s original coloring. It then layed a gold ring down to my feet. After a bit more later, the phoenix had re-grown it?s feathers and they were colorful again. As I looked to my feet, the ring disappeared. I said that I had to go.

4. I landed on the same platform that I had been using and called to my phoenix. As it came, it landed and did not say anything. Suddenly, another moltres came by. The moltres turned around and flew in a northern direction but more to the left. Then, my phoenix followed the moltres. I followed behind. Then, we got to the same looking platform. Then, the moltres transformed to a common nursery Harry potter phoenix. It began to teach me a few things. Suddenly, a bird flew to us and landed. I thought it was a phoenix for a moment then realized that it was not. The nursery phoenix said that it was a frail bird. Which means that it?s very fragile. One touch could kill the poor thing. After that, the frail bird squawked and took off. I then, began to blabber on and my phoenix looked at me like telling me that it was enough and that it was time to listen and I shut up. Then, the nursery phoenix told me to let her see my feet. She checked my right foot and got all claws. After that was done, I asked if we could go to a desert. Then, another phoenix came. It was a peacock phoenix with a hint of blue and green in its glossy feathers. The nursery phoenix took off and went threw a portal. As we got threw the portal, the nursery phoenix continued a bit more and then told me to get to know my phoenix a bit more. And with that said, the nursery phoenix left and I looked back to my royal phoenix. I then went back to my human form and sat with my legs crossing. The phoenix reached to the tip of my head. I grabbed his beak and kissed him on the tip. I then said sorry about kissing him. He was such an adorable and handsome bird that I could not resist but kiss him. I then kissed him another time and I began to say things about different tuff. After that, I told him that I needed to go. I then gave him another kiss and asked him to meet me in the physical plane. He then took off and flew into the distance again. I stood up and deeply inhaled then exhaled.

5. Flew onto platform again. Looked a bit around and then called to the phoenix. He flew in and then laid there. I looked at him and he looked at me. I asked for his name but nothing really came to me. After a minute into the meditation, I heard the name Shavest (Sha-vest). I began to get frustrated cause I did not know if I was imagining his name or if he really told me. After a bit more, I heard the name Roy. That?s when I got really confused and more frustrated. I told him that if he wants, we could go back to the desert. He did not budge a bit. I then told him that I would fly around a bit and I did. After about ten times of flying in a circle, I landed again. I then got frustrated again. But then I thought of my usual calming down thing. I immediately breathed in and out to calm myself. I then, introduced my full name, birth date and what kind of person I am ( that was the word Shamin). Then, he took flight and we both went back to the desert. As we got there, he stood there for a bit. Then, I thought of transforming back into my human form. I kissed him on his beak again and he laid his beak on my shoulder like he was giving me a bird hug. I hugged him back. We both were almost in-separable. After about 1 minute or three of hugging, I told him that I had to go. He almost refused to stop hugging me. But I got free of his lovable hugs. He then wrapped his left wing around my back while hugging. When he closed his wing again, he went back to his fire realm. I then, noticed something on my back when I stood up. On my back were the wings that I really wanted.


Part 1: Landed on a perch as usual and called for Shavest, my phoenix friend. As he came to me, We both made sure that everything was a go and we took of to the desert again. As we got there, we both landed and I transformed back into human. I still had my wings from Shavest. The, I got interrupted and had to tell him that I had to go. But I promised him that I would be back.

Pert 2: I landed on the perch again and called out Shavest?s name. He flew to me and we immediately flew to the desert again. Then, the fire alligator came out of nowhere again. I saw him and snapped at my flaming tail. Good thing it was not feathered or else I would have lost those tail feathers. As we got back to the desert, we landed and I transformed once again. We both then relaxed together for a bit. Then, he started to look like a dodo. Fo some reason. I knew what he looked like but once my mind was set on an image, it was hard to think of the original one. After a bit more of a conversation, I told him that I wanted to give a try in the thunder realm and he was ok with it.

7. Landed on the platform as usual. Called out to Shavest and he came. Once he came, I asked if we could see the volcano. He then took off and I followed. I then was grabbed by the fire alligator. I had enough of the pest so I told him off. As I put it down, I followed Shavest the rest of the way. Once we got there, we both landed at the edge of the volcano. Suddenly, Shavest pushed me into the lava. As I hit the lava, I opened my eyes when my whole body was in it. I looked around and surprisingly did not dissolve away. I then exited the volcano and asked him what was that for. Then, he took off and went through a portal and I followed. As we landed, we were in the desert again. I shook the remaining of the lava off my body and Shavest immediately grabbed my beak. Then, I realized that I was still in phoenix form and quickly transformed still having my wings. I then kissed Shavest on his beak and I told him that I?m heading to the fire realm. I then told him that I wanted to meditate to him first.

8. I landed on the platform and called to Shavest. Shavest flew to me and landed. After, I asked to go and visit the volcano and we did. Once we got there, we both landed on the edge of the volcano. Shavest, again, pushed me into the volcano. I immediately grabbed Shavest and we both fell into the lava. We both then got out and shook off the lava that was stuck to our feathers. Then, Shavest flew through a portal back to the desert. As we got there, I changed my form. Shavest then got me to begin to fly. He wanted to see how well I could fly with the wings he gave me and land as well. Once that was done, I was suddenly covered in flames. I talked about the flames to Shavest. Then, I left with a proper good bye.

Thunder phoenix meditation:

1. I was randomly on a pillar in the thunder realm. I was in human form. I still had my wings from my phoenix. I quickly changed into zapdos. I stood there for a bit. Suddenly, a thunder alligator came out of no where. These things are in a lot of places. I grabbed its snout and told it to leave me be. It did once I through his snout away. After a bit more, I slipped off of the pillar and fell towards the floor. I was then saved by a shadow phoenix that was shaped like a jet. As I flew up again, I noticed a Zapdos. It looked at me then flew away. Then, another Zapdos came out of nowhere. After a bit more, I noticed a pikachu hopped to the top of another pillar and sparks started flying from his cheeks. Then, a Raiku came out of nowhere. I thought that I went nuts. meditation to the water phoenix: 1. I went to the water realm. I was immediately attack by a water gator. Not fun. I then noticed that a water phoenix was perched on top a rock across from me. I flew to the bird and talked to it. As I did that, the bird jumped into the water. I did too. We both then flew out and in the water about three times. Then, the phoenix did a bit of a dance and then as it flapped its wings under water, sound waves came from his wings.

2. As I entered the water realm, once again, I landed on the same rock. I looked over to see that the water phoenix was waiting. I went over to it. I still was on fire from the fire realm. I told the phoenix that this is why I needed its power. The phoenix then simply gave me a hug and the fire disappeared. I was first covered in ice crystals then it was like a bucket of water was dumped onto me. As that was done, the phoenix began to say ?in time young human. In time?. I had no clue if it meant to be able to use healing magic or what. I then changed form and dove under water. I caught up to the phoenix and asked what will happen then. It did not give me an answer. We both then surfaced and I thanked the water phoenix and left.

3.Landed on the rock formation and relaxed a bit. I then heard someone say hey. I looked up in that direction and sure enough the water phoenix was waiting for me. She asked what the matter was. I told her about how I was scared to get the fire body (fire in the physical realm all over your body 500 degree Fahrenheit.). She then told me to follow her. As we entered the water, I was getting a little curious on where we were going. As we exited the water, we were in a cave. She looked at me and then bowed down. She then picked up her head. I was wondering what was going on. Then, she dropped a silver ring and flew off to the rock that she was at before. I then noticed that the ring was getting pulled down underground by a gopher. I grabbed the ring and we both played tug of war for about a minute or two then the gopher gave up and was very angry at me. I then took the ring back to the phoenix and gave it to her. She then took it and swallowed it. After that, she bowed to me and said thank you. I then told her that I had to go. She said okay and I left.

4. I entered the water realm and met the water phoenix who I now call Talila. Now we both talked a bit and then she told me to follow her and I did. As we got there, Talila started to teach me to water bend. As I water bended perfectly, she thought that I was a naturalist. As I got done with that, I showed her how to freeze the water. I did and sat on the ice cause I made it into a seat. Talila was amazed. She told me that I should go meet the ice phoenix. I told her okay. She then wanted to see how I would do on healing myself with the phoenix flame burning on me. She took off a seal that she put on me and I was again on fire. Talila told me to grab water and I did. She then told me to pour it over me and I did that as well. As I did that, she told me what to chant. ?I now get healed and burn no more?. She told me it would help. I then said thank you and we both said good bye and I left. Talila also said good luck.


Others to come.