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Hi my name is bryanna, I am a loyal wiccan, and I have been for 7 years now. My practices vary and personally I am a an expert at it. I I have had many hardships through out my years from being resented by my Christian family and such. I learned on my own picking up my first book of magick by Kate west.I have progressed throught the years and come to a point in my life were I decide I am more of an ecelectic solitary wiccan. I believe very much in stability, patience , and being positive. When i started as a young wiccan ,i didn't know much and only believed in the power of saying spells. I never knew about rituals or anything. I did it on my own though regardless of the hardships. Not only do i know about wicca but i know about witches, there is a diffrence between wicca and witches, witches have their own coven and their own morals, some witches do only magic, wether its good or bad, to protect themselves and their fellow family, while others may do just earth magic or air magic. Wiccans do magick seeing the power of the gods as the divine. But wether your wiccan or hedge witch or a black magic practitioner, we all use the same type of magic, that is witchcraft, just in diffrent purposes. So if you are ready to take on a magical life make sure you know what you want. if you want to know more from me, just messege me and ill get back to you as soon as possible. And it doesn't matter what question you have because in magic there is no right or wrong question, its all dealing with the same thing. So have a wonderful night/day. Blessed be :)