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Name: Nidel
Location: North America
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 14 Jun 2019
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Hello and welcome to my profile. I would like to start of by saying I have been away for a while, busy with school and work, basically this isn't the first time of me being on SoM. While being away I have learned new things about my practice of Necromancy through personal experiences, and how to use old methods to organize my relationship with them through mutual respect. I consider myself a Solitary Necromancer, with experience considered suitable by my own perspective, so ranks of experience are rendered useless to define myself to others (I'm exceptional). My patron deities are Hades and Erebus, choosing them was no difficult task, in fact it was the opposite, just thinking about them covered me with the feeling of acceptance. A quote I thought up when building a relationship with the two: "Through darkness and pain comes understating", what this means is that darkness is the backstage where every string is being pulled while the crowd remains oblivious, and pain represents a process to the reaction to what is being hidden; how can you hope to achieve balance living in ignorance? I don't claim to know everything, but I do tend to get exited when trying to prove why I feel I am right. What is magic it me? Magic is what is needed to survive in this world, even those who don't believe in such things are affected by it, sure it is claimed to be nonsense and that there is no proof, but where is the proof to disclaim it? To much imagination is not something to consider silly, imagination helps us reach goals, shape our wishes and put it out there, without it people would have no direction, life would remain stagnant. The only thing I can offer as help falls under spirit work, as in helping remove spirits causing a discomfort at home, on rare occasion you'll get your haunting of spirits caused by items which once belonged to them.