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Name: gene13
Birthday: Apr 17 1991
Location: oakdale/knights ferry, CA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 15 Jun 2016
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well my name is gene , i love listining to music, i love practicing witchcraft, i love watching movies, i love playing video games, i love watching tv, ect. i recentlly started a business doing paranormal investagations for free (but you may donate to us if you want), spells for $10.00, divinations (like tarot readings, rune readings, pendulum, scrying, tea leaf readings, geomancy) for $10.00,spirit communications for $10.00 (like Ouija board sessions) we sell potions for $6.00, we sell talismens from between $1.00 to $2.00, we sell poppit spell kits for $3.00, smudging seromonies/cleansing(of your self someone else or on a building/property) for $14.00, and excercisims for $14.00 birthing rights $25.00,
coming of age ceremony $25.00, weddings for $25.00, funerals for $25.00, dedication/initial initiation ritual free, coven initiation ritual free, 1st-3rd degree initiation rituals free, divorce ritual $25.00, and crowning rituals $25.00 if you would like any of thease services done message me eather here or on facebook or call me at (209)-601-7077 we do accept UNblocked phone numbers we do not accept blocked phone numbers because I was stalked that way but before you do that go to my website and read the secion on the service you want each service cost a different price all services must be payed in person in cash. i am a pagan high priest and am trying to start a coven near Oakdale, CA of between 3-5 members