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"An open mind is rarely an empty one." -Me "Over-thinking, Over-analyzing separates the body from the mind, withering my intuition, leaving opportunities behind." -Tool, Lateralus I am currently studying plant spirit shamanism, sigil magick, runes, healing, and servitor/construct creation. Though I will always say I have a lot to learn, I'm more than happy to help with anything I know. Things I can help with: 1: Energy work. I have done plenty of studying and could easily walk almost anyone through the basics of the tactile-imaging method of energy work, which is an awesome alternative to visualizing work because many people have difficulty with that (at least at first). I will also teach you about the different energy systems in the body and how they function and affect, to the best of my current knowledge. (this does include meditation, though it really is easier than many beginners think, trust me on this). 2: Shamanism and Plant Spirits. I'm still learning so bear with me on this one, but I will help you as best as I am able. It is my intention to become the equivalent of an Ayahuascero or Curandero in my own way. 3: Enthoegens. Plants whose spirits "Create the Divine Within". This could technically mean all plants in the sense that I understand them, but I will limit this to mean all very powerful and life changing spiritual plants such as the powerful healer Ayahuasca. I have a decent amount of knowledge on this subject, but again, still learning about it. Please note that some of the more powerful ones are illegal in some countries, so please do research before trying anything like this. I also do NOT advocate anyone under the age of 18 to take entheogens at all. I will still teach you about them if you wish, but I will not tell you how to acquire, prepare, or harvest any of these if you are under age. 4: Crystal Magic. Not a huge strong point for me, but I know the basics of how it works and why, and I know some crystals and am willing to share everything I know. 5: Creating and programming energy constructs. I have been very creative in this sector and can both instruct you on them and give advice about them. There are many kinds of constructs, from the basic shielding to an advanced servitor capable of learning and growing with you. Currently Studying: Trance states, charms and wards, Runes, Berserkergangr Thats all for now, please ask away, I'm always glad to help. Please respect me and if I give you advice, especially pertaining to number 3, ignore it at your own risk. Otherwise, good luck in learning and in life. Peace and love be with you.