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Name: wiccan_kid13
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Hi! My name is Kit I am a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan, and I thoroughly enjoy it. I am practiced in tarot and my general ritual studies. I'm still working on my own book of shadows, since I have none to inherit or add to and it can grow forever as i learn more. nothing else really to say, just that my life is my own business and I will tell you what I'm comfortable telling, so sorry if that upsets you its just a personal preference oh and feel free to message me, though I may not always be able to respond. Also I don't always receive mail, so if I don't reply and I'm online...and not mad at you then just try again. Just try not to be rude or irritating, I will not respond. It's nothing personal, just don't need the lowered self-esteem or the fight. also, if you message me with a message that says "can we be friends?", I WILL say that I would like to get to know you first. I don't like people getting hurt, myself included, and it happens a lot when I just say yes. I'm really not trying to be rude, just cautious. Thanks oh and i am also not 13, it just happened to be one of my favorite numbers when I made this profile, so it's part of my username mail me!