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Darkshadow11's Profile

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Name: Darkshadow11
Location: In the shadows
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 13 Mar 2012

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Life is hell This is a song i wrote when i was feeling down. Life isnt what its meant to be, Let me tell you, it isnt fun,everybody lies to your face,highschool is drag, boring classes and annoying cliques, everybody stabs you in the back, your true friends gossip about you, your boyfriends are jerks and your siblings dont help, your parents treat you like babies, Let me tell you...LIFE IS HELL, Rich kids get whatever they want, poor people get trashed, the world is full of crime. no one ever lied straight to your face, no one ever told you, "Ew are you a guy?" You dont know what its like to be kicked and pushed around. Even little angels are just treated like Ugly little moglins, everybody treats you like nothing,LIFE IS HELL. My brother is a jerk, my school is boring, my life couldnt get more drag, i need a new life. LIFE IS HELL, No ones there to save you when your down...you might think im happy but im NOT gonna be okay!!!, you dont know what its like at all, dont say you do, teachers are jerks, school is bad, bullied since 11 hurt forever, silent cries and pain. LIFE IS HELL, dont talk to me, im not in the mood, turnin the radio up to maximum volume, screamin away, crien and cuttin dont kno where to go!!! on the edge of breakin down...LIFE IS HELL Everyone sees me as trash, nobody ever invites me to a birthday bash, got no friends, on computer all day, i dont deserve pity,life is dark with nothing to do,no you dont know what its like to be like me, to feel lost left in the dust, to be left to rust in pain, no one ever lied straight to your face, no one ever called you a freak!. Bullied at school, growin up, teenager life is boring, no friends no escape, home is prison, LIFE IS HELL. left in the dark, nobody to love or care for you, breakin down crying like theres no point in tryin, LIFE IS HELL!!!. shut up shut up, i cant hear you, its not over, we're still in love, please dont let me go, i love you and need you. Broken hearted, boyfriendless!!. SHUT UP IM NOT A FREAK, everyone calls me that!!! LIFE IS HELL. NO ONE EVER BROKE YOUR HEART, NO ONE EVER CALLED YOU A FREAK, EVERYONE GAVE YOU WHAT YOU WANTED, never had to work a day in your life, it was always given to you, taken from me. I am crying lying in bed thinking of climbing out the 2nd story window and low roof, jumpin and runnin away so no one can find me, i want to be somebody else, everyone brags there perfect and beautiful but im an ugly beast treated like nothing, you dont know what its like to be like me! Pushed around breakin down nobody cares for you, no you dont know what its like LIFE IS HELL!!! You might think im okay but im not, got no one to love no friends and no hope, LIFE....IS....HELL!