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Name: thoughtform
Location: maryland usa
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hi. i loove magic and really like casting spells. my favorite kind of magic is that related to summoning and forests. i'm thinking of starting my own kind of magic about connecting to the earth and sensing animals. it will be called lore silvestrus(woodland lore). i've been doing that kind of magic since i was old enough to know what a forest is. i love all animals, especially wolves. i also liike writing poems about, surprise, nature. heres one below.

Flying amidst a starry night
Floating in the evermore light
Watching the swaying trees so tall
Listening to the whippoorwill call
Seeing the world so vibrant and bright
Seeing the moon that shines at night
Hearing the cricket musicians sing
Hearing the midnight bells that ring
Watching the buds on the flower grow
Making a creation to proudly show
Seeing the dewdrops come to light
Crystalline clear to shine in moonlight
Hearing the old owl hoot at dawn
Breaking the darkness that lasts so long
Seeing the soft light that announces day
Waking the creatures where they lay