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Ionia's Profile

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Name: Ionia
Birthday: Oct 12 1992
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 11 Jan 2012
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Greetings, I have many names but I would like to be referred to as Ionia. I was born in England but was raised in Trinidad and Tobago. I'm nineteen(19) years old. I was born into Christianity(Roman Catholicism) but from a young age became deterred from following. My first contact with "occult material" is still a little mystery. I attended an all girls "Anglican" high school; every few years the school's library would get rid of some of it's old books (mostly old text books and magazines that no one would want). After the books were removed they would store them in boxes in an abandoned classroom near the back of the school. One day some friends and I discovered the boxes of books in the abandoned classroom; we used it for practicing dance/doing hw/hanging out/etc. Some national geographic magazines in one of the boxes caught my attention so I decided to go through the boxes. In a certain box I found a small book on Wicca. It was quite the odd find at the time. I browsed through the book upon finding it and saw detailed instructions on how to perform candle magic, how to remove certain hexes and other spells. I told two good friends of mine about the find and they overlooked it; however I had taken an interest in the book and wanted to keep it. That week I decided to ask the librarian if it was alright to take some of the books the library was throwing out and got her approval to. I was eager to find more, I hoped there might be more books on wicca but it was the only book. I was curious of how such a book ended up in the school's library being the type of school that strictly followed christian faith. I decided to thoroughly examine all the books in the library but I found no others about wicca. I would have at least wanted to know who owned the book before it fell into my hands. I've been researching Wicca ever since. I have always had interests in mythology, folklore, supernatural and paranormalities in my teenage-hood. I can be classified as a beginner, as I have been self taught thus far. I've also experienced things I would like to learn how to control such as thoughtform (dream manipulation) and the use of white magic. (I need to do more research on black magic before practicing it; I deem it a very unstable type of magic if the caster is not very experienced and the results can be very dangerous.) I would like to join a Coven where I can be a part of a community of those who share both similar and different interests; where we can learn, share and expand our knowledge. I am quite shy but have been told that I'm very pleasant and sympathetic to converse with so if you would like a friend to confide in or someone to just talk to.. that person is me. =] ~It is by the choices we make so we decide our fate~