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Name: Nocchi
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Hello, My name is Zac, but you can call me Nocchi :P F?rst of all, I am a Satanist I am not an anti-christ athiest conformist I Believe satan is more than just a force, but a living and breathing being. My views can seem quite confronting, but im open to opinion. Bio Blue eyes black hair male 19 bisexual Studying diploma of remedial massage at tafe I have been doing magick since i was little, i was fascinated with the occult, and passionate about art, especialy surreal pieces. Though my mum hated my attraction to the "supernatural" and i grew up surrounded by the judging eyes of the catholic. Nothing could keep me away from the allure. And it freed me, to think for my self, and the ability to exercise this freedom. By taking control of my life, with the loving guidance of Father Satan. Hail to our Creator Enki :)