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Name: autumen
Birthday: Nov 10 1994
Location: indiana, cloverdale
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Merry meet everyone, the weather is lovely out side and the trees are beautiful out side and the earth is so beautiful, this must be the time for me to tell you guys about myself okay i will. My name is Daniela boswell. I was born on November 10,1994 that is when i was born and blowed out my candles. I had a friend that intrucduce me into being becomeing a wicca and witchcraft, I went to her house oneday and she was in a coven and i was intersted in it so i did and i had so much engery that happned to me that night. i had to learn about reaglion i studyed it and read about it and reasearch it and talked to people about it and even i got accepted in a school for it., i like to write i write poerty and writer and sometimes i write muscic and i like to play my acustic guitar. when i have free time and i'm a writter and i becomeing a jouraslins and i do my schooling on line and i'm a high student, i droped out becouse of some perilsone problemsthat had in my life, my goal is to follow my dreams and become what i want and do want i want. I had a friend that intrude me to tarrot cards and i had learned about them and i love do pratice them and i'm a active person and i like to be outside doing something. I believe in fairys and prince charming and merdaids and unicorns and fairy tales i belive they are real. when you get to know me i'm shy at first but when you start to talk to me you cant shut me up, i like to make new friends and get to know new people and don't be shy to talk to me, i like to meet people new and i like help out, i like to think postive so i'm complety postive person and owns happy person and that i'am biseauxl and i like to be myself and no else bless it be everyone