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xxXRavenXxx's Profile

Member Info
Name: xxXRavenXxx
Birthday: Dec 19 1994
Location: InMyWorld
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 27 Jul 2011
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
When I was born, I was born with a type of power where I can sense spirits around me. I have deja vu yes. And I have experience myself. I was raised to be a witch at such a young age. Though my parents do not realize it. I am a Polytheism Naturist Witch as you should know. Meaning that I am a Polytheist. If you have me as a friend in realife and you have not yet experienced any power within yourself then you are very lucky to have me as a friend because I can protect you from bad spirits from harming you by sensing them. Sensing powers at such a young age is not very hard at all. You will feel the sensing anytime. This means that you have another spirit guide protecting you. You can feel the bad spirits too. The power does not automatically come to you. But some people where born to have this sensing power. I believe in WitchCraft and always will. Deja Vu is something else. When a person has a dream that is similar to there waking life and this dream comes true the same day they had this dream or a few days later or maybe a few years later. This my friend is called ''Deja Vu.'' I firsted experience that I had Deja Vu when I was 9 years young. It was not a very good Deja Vu prediction at all. It was horrible. A night mare. I believe I have more powers than this but I cannot find the name of these powers. There is another power I certainly have, I have a very energetic mind, meaning that I do not need to try hard on concentrating, I can move things rapidly with my mind, for example, curtains. I also know when something is going to happen or what people are going to say after, but they come automatically but I often get it a lot. Due to my powers, sometimes whatever I touch runs out of electricity. Once in a while I can make time go faster and slower. When I find the name of these powers that I have within myself, I will make sure I will post them up here on my Personal Bio. I will define them for you incase you do not know the definition of a power. Thank you. Specialty: Everyone is special in there own way. Do not think that you do not have any talent or powers. You are incorrect. You do. Just because you have not experience your powers does not mean you do not have any. This is a false. You have powers within yourself and you will soon learn how to use them. Those that do harm and are harming others will pay the consequences. Don't think that you are free and can do as much as you like. Inside you are locked in a cage and cannot escape.Soon you will regret the harming you've done in the pass or present. If you have changed and decide to be a good person, then this is something very good. We good witches are glad that you have decided to become a good person. May you stay like this forever.