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chelsea19's Profile

Member Info
Name: chelsea19
Location: Philippines
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 03 May 2012
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Hi. I am Chelsea Santos. A 17 year old female, Lives in a groomy and solitary world My Aura- blue, Red, Pink bright and light, turquoise and crystal. Element- Fire I'm a difficult person to get to know - I'm shy and scarred around strangers and it takes a lot of effort from others to break that down. I do it partly so I can begin to evaluate the person before they can get to know me. I want to know if we are compatible as people. I'm far from perfect, but I try to improve myself. I'm lazy, im not boring to be with, selfish sometimes & highly strung. I don't voice my opinions as often as I should. I'm in a constant battle with my moods. I don't sleep well. I'm irritable and it doesn't really take much to piss me off. I overreact. I'm self destructive. These are just a few of my flaws. But I have realized that I am loved for who I am - the good and the bad. And I love people for who they really are - if they will let me see who they really are. I've been hurt, angered, sickened and disgusted by some of the people I don't know over the last few years. Those people are STILL in denial, hiding from the reality. Most people can't handle my interests/hobbies/actions. So if you're easily offended, stay the fuck out. If you can't accept what I am, ITS OKAY, 'cause you know what the funny thing is? That these people are so delusional that they have told themselves something so many times they now believe they are in the right situation to judge and have chosen to reject anything that might suggest otherwise. I'd never wanted a fight. Seriously, I've never been in a fight for a long years that I exist. Because As I remember my teacher said "Those people who avoid fights, is the one that truly brave enough." So for me whenever someone want to make a scene, I just ignore it and leave it behind me. Because really ARGUING WITH AN ANIMAL-ATTITUDE IS SUCH A BIG WASTE OF TIME. The internet is a very silly place, all these people trying so hard to put on a show for the masses, I say f?ck that, be yourself at all times, what is the point of being anything else, because when you go to bed at night, you are what you are, the true you. However, There's 6 things I'm addicted to: 1. Reading books 2. Photography 3. Shopping 4. Computer 5. Mysterious objects 6. coke I can't live without these things. I really love reading, i cant live without books. Mostly if I didn't do any photoshoots once a month. But my digi-cam is broken haha. If I didn't do a shopping or bought a new clothes. If I didn't get online every day. If I didn't drink a COKE (it's my personal beer) and i love buying mysterious objects. Blood i am possessed by blood I am also into a various fashion. I don't stick into one style. Some people thought just because I choose to be scary and mysterios, it means that its the only fashion I needed to wear. HELL NO! I wear every style that I wanted to, If I think it suits me then I'll wear it, I try it. Because I know there's nothing wrong of having a varied tastes. I always loved ADVENTURE. I want to travel in a lot of places someday. To experienced lots of different things. I try those simple laid back things that sometimes go unnoticed because were busy focusing into material things. I always like sitting under the hallow tree, Watching the beautiful sun goes down, Watching the transformation of the clouds, the glittering stars at night, And the beautiful lunatic light of the full moon. God gave us an eternal rivers & oceans and I wanted to appreciate these beautiful masterpieces. Above all I try to treat people as how I wish to be treated. Equally, if someone starts treating me in an unfair way my behaviour towards them will change. I hold grudges and I don't forgive and forget easily. It's maybe not a good quality in me but at the same time I use it as a way of filtering out the crap people from the good ones. And most importantly: I don't take myself seriously at all. I have a crazy sense of humor and love goofing off. I like; Hanging out with my family, being spontaneous, trying new things, shopping, quite and dark place, reading books, tutoring devices creating art, getting the correct amount of sleep because im a zombie otherwise, carnival rides, icecream with chocolates flavor, skulls, gas masks and biohazard symbols, loitering at random places, self photography, dorking out to teenybopper pop, when people give me compliments, oldschool metal playgrounds, Chinese fashion, parties, concerts, pretty days outside, pale skin, coke, goats, playing funny pranks on people, gettin' crunk with it, blood and gore, presents, butterflies and lightning bugs, streetracing, people watching, sketching and doodling, being a computer geek, playing dress up every day, writing in my journal, giant platform boots, my hair, massages, facebook, silly humor, going to the movies, pizza, full moons, being wild and crazy and designing clothes, the internet, false eyelashes, graphic design, the mall, fanart, fushi giyuugi, skulls and stars, black colour, being spooky, alternative modeling, cosplay, being scary, black nailpolish, cameras, chainsaws, chocolate, sunken garden, clothes, cuddling, GOD, different kinds of stockings, freakshows, ming-ming, jolibee, dollfie, grave digging, harajuku, kinking ass, love & peace, photo editing, picnics, property exploration, psycho, reading, scary clowns, scene hair, sending and receiving fansigns,True blood, nakahara sunako-yamato nadeshiko shichi henge, sleeping, something awful, fries, spookykids, stabbing, synthetic blood, terrorizing the teachers, the apocalypse, the mall, trans am, trespassing, video cameras, I dislikes; Crowded place i cant breathe, Being exposed to the sun, dazzling and bright things, heat, rainyday, excessive light exposure and also does poorly in hot weather, shallow people, rude people, st?pid people, cheaters, liars, backstabbers, people who do nothing but complain, people who are two faced, and most people in general. the destructive and careless way that we have gone about living on this planet. pro-lifers. cigarette smoke, extreme druggies, and drunk drivers. when people judge you solely based upon appearance. sarcastic remarks. people that assume things about me when they don't even know me. animal abusers. getting asked the same questions a million times. body hair. bad hygiene. when people call me a "poser" because I bought something from Hot Topic. get over it already. bad spellers and people with terrible grammar. WHEN PEOPLE COPY ME. be yourself please! imitations, nasty old men that stare at me. NASL & intro questions. people that steal my photos and try to pretend to be me. when people grab or pull on my hair. littering. HOW HARD IS IT TO THROW IT IN A TRASH CAN? people who try to intentionally piss me off. shittalkers. homophobes. closemindedness. dumbasses.