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Name: Burnt_Toast
Location: On the Path Unknown to All but Me
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I am 5ft 5in in height. I have hair that is curly and wavy, it is untamable at times. I don't fancy sweets, I would much rather preffer an apple. I love to run with the wind. I like cold weather much more than warm weather, I open my window a bit on cold nights, while I close my window and turn on the AC on hot nights. I am relatively a bright person compared to how I feel on the inside, scared, sad, confused, ect. If you get me mad, then I'll most likely ignore you for either a period of time or until some sort of event occurs. I adore nature, what's strange is that if I'm away from nature for a long period of time, I get a gut wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach as if I were guilty about something. I am a very strange person if you ever meet me in reality. I absolutely cannot stand fluffies. I ponder about things very often, you could even say that I "daydream". I'm a thinker, I question everything, trying to find the answer, though, while trying to find the answers, my conclusions always have questioning that lead me to other conclusions and confusion. If you were to ask me a question that needs some thinking, I will see it and suddenly questions about the question being asked will come to mind and multiple answers will lay hiding in the gloom of my mind. There is only one person who helps me come to FINAL conlcusions about long thought possible answers, that would be my science teacher, she makes us write questions about things that aren't usually asked and she will make us think, then give us answers which surprisingly give me answers to my non-science related questions. She is the reason I'm not brain dead by now. I can become inspired to do something very easily, but when the time comes when I have a chance of doing what I was inspired to do, I usually let it pass because I either can't do it because of restrictions or I won't do it because the inspiration is starting to pass and I'm getting lazy to do it, but if I do what I was inspired to do, I *always* end up leaving it unfinished, though after a long period of time, those long forgotten inspirations *will* burn with a flame so bright only to die in a way so that the flame will live once more, burn, and maybe even thrive and never burn out again. I dream every night, I have never skipped a night of dreaming since Summer. Some dreams are visions, while others are lucid dreams, but I have no way of knowing the difference. My dreams are shown like riddles. I need to figure thhem out to know what might or might not happen, but they can mean anything. At times, it may seem that they may show what might happen exactly, but it never does. Sometimes it is actually difficult to remember what were dreams and what were memories. I will sometimes return to the same dream, but that has only happened about three times. My dreams are vivid in some parts, while others are blurry. I will often dream, then later on in the dream, something will happen so that I wake up with a reaction (fear, dizziness, ect.). I often hear voices from out of the blue, usually they are voices I recognize, but I am never sure if they are just from my imagination or not. Most of the time, the voices whisper my name, (girl's voices) giggle, or say "Hi". I do believe that there is a spirit world. My father used to say that I used to talk to a spirit girl, but I don't trust that his words are true, mostly because my parents used to and still give me false information. I don't know if I have ever actually seen signs of the spirit world, because, again, I don't know if it is just my imagination or not, but what I've seen (or imagined) are cloud whisps passing by, faces watching, and objects move and disappear. ______________________________________________________________________ Quiz results which are surprisingly true: Your soul was born in Ice. Some might think that water and ice is the same, but that's not true. Ice is what becomes of water when water gets hurt. Your element was once water, but something happened and your element turned to ice, which resulted in you soul being born in ice. Maybe someone close to you died or someone close to you betrayed you in some way. Either way, you are now a completely different person from who you were before. You are now shy and drawn back. You want people to notice you but you're afraid to make friends. You don't want to be hurt again. Depressed and mournful thoughts is eating you up inside. You want to scream but you just keep holding it all inside in fear of being rejected. Take a chance! There are people out there and they want to be friends with you.