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(July 23 - August 22)

Party-loving Lions are keen to socialise and circulate; mix and mingle; imagine and create; as you let your hair down and have some fun. But it's Equinox day so try not to overdo things!
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Event: Ostara

Waning Crescent
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Meekio's Profile

Member Info
Name: Meekio
Birthday: Aug 15 1992
Location: Gibsonton, FL
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 16 Jan 2011
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello everyone :) My name is Meekio Hartley. There are alot of things that i want to learn and alot of new friends that i would like to meet. Magic has always been my destiny and i have always wondered how to cast spells and learn the ways of the dark arts...if your reading this you probably think that im some creep, hahahah but i am really not. In Highschool i was an average girl that loved to play sports and i also was in one of the biggest choirs in the state. It was quite exciting actually....I love to read books....books about almost everything you can think of, i have probably read...but what made me more interested in reading in the first place was wanting to read about magic. But here's the thing, magic is forbidden where im from...every library had nothing about magic, about the dark arts, from which i wanted to learn...so that made me want to move from where i live to a place where i could feel safe....so joining this site and meet new people feels like the best thing ever. so if you could help me out by contacting me, adding me, pointing me to the direction of the dark arts, that would really help me out. No ONE KNOWS>>>>> I have a secret that i cant hide any longer...I am a Vampire....but dont understand everything....I mean i know that i Psy vamp!re but what i dont understand how i could be a psy and my twin brother could be a born a blood>>>>>> that doesnt make any sense...If only i had some full answers????? "Blood Blood Blood not on my mind all the time, the time has come to go our seperate ways, even though you hate goodbyes the words slip from your mouth like blood drips down your lips, the way you look at me with those cold black eyes the more energy i lose, both of us opposites but both the same both hearts in the same womb and blood of the same color run through these veins in unison, a psy....a blood....sister....brother.....twins a mother gave birth to twins, happy as could be but once when we were young, just little children in a school yard something terrible happened............... "Fighting is bad, no one should ever do it but it happens anyways no one could stop him, not even me it was too late, we all had to witness this tragedy my best friend was gone. -No one could stop him, not even me it was too late, we all had to witness the tragedy my twin brother was a vampire.....a blood vampire and im a psy vamp!re and toegther we are as one...... Too bad we are have been separated for 5 years now If your nice enough you will help me understand why mortals think its bad to be the way we are in life, why they treat us so differently, why they shun us with the guilt and pain....i think they deserve to get a taste of how we suffer and have suffered for many years....they need to pay....hahahahahah just playin :) but SERIOUSLY!!! Some answers would be awfully nice.... Thanks fur reading my profile, MEEKIO