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Name: EarthSinger
Birthday: Nov 3 1990
Location: Indiana
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 02 Nov 2020
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Hail and well met, talk to me.
You may call me Raven Im 29 going on 30 I have other names but until I know you, you wont know them. Im fairly new into the craft but Im an fast learner.
I own A black cat named Lucifer, and a parakeet named Sky. I have a son he is amazing. Rising: 25? libra Sun: 10? scorpio Moon: 20? taurus.
Fav color: Turquoise and Pink
I have a son his name is Wyatt and I am engaged
I love making new friends I always reply to mail
Even if its a little late Hah. I am constantly trying to
Get more wiccan supplies but don't have a lot
Of money for it right now :/ I am really pleased with what I have ordered from SOM so far tho
I can sometimes feel others emotions its not something I can control...
I can also sense ghosts...not see them but I know when they are around and what they are feeling....cant hear or speak to them dirrectly need a pendulum or board for that.
I can feel animals emotions and sometimes know their thoughts...depends on the bond...sometomes I get images or smells...or just emotional impressions...sometimes I get nothing at all...
I am interested in trees and plants they can make very good friends sometimes
I like reading the different mythologies.
I love gemstones my favorite is Carnelian
My element is Fire closely followed by Air
I am intersted in learning how to astral project its
something I struggle with because I am afraid to let go